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Shameless Suggestions for 2 Pipe Tobacco Blends

fredhfredh Member
edited April 2015 in Other Forms of Tobacco
Please forgive me but...

Knowing that there are many Snuffhouse members who are big fans of pipes and tobaccos, please allow me to shamelessly plug two blends of which I am very, very fond. And yes, I am the blender and designer of both of these blends having been entrusted to do so by the fine folks at McClelland. But the blends are not very well known, relatively, and often fly under the radar.

They are McClelland's "Wilderness" and "Legends." Both are Balkan in style (high oriental/latakia content & no aromatics) and very smooth, rich, and complex. Both also contain several varieties of Orientals and Virginias giving both blends a pleasant background sweetness. Wilderness alone has 12 separate tobaccos in the blend. These tobaccos contain no additives and do not have ketchup or vinegary overtones. I should know. I deliberately blended them to be this way and I know everything that is in them.

Of course, I would think they are great. After all, I blended them to my own taste and preferences! It would be pretty damn sad, if not strange, if I did not like them. But you might like them as well, if that is, you like Balkan/English style blends.

And then again you may not like them at all. They are not for everybody and nor are they meant to be. If you do decide to try either one of them, I recommend that you open the tin and let it sit for a day or two with the lid on. Do not just smoke them right after pulling the top, give them some time to air out a bit.

Both blends are officially rated in the 4 star (out of 4) category of blends at tobacco

Of the over 1700 pipe tobacco blends rated on that site, Wilderness (avg. rating 3.7 out of 4, with 43 reviews) and Legends (avg. rating 3.8 out of 4, with 38 reviews) are in the top 5 of all of those 1700 tobaccos on the site that have received 20 or more ratings/reviews (check this out for yourself). I suppose that means that some folks must like them a lot.

If you are interested in reading the reviews, here are the links...

Once again, please forgive me for this shameless promotion.

But I feel like a proud father...


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Shameless. Absolutely shameless... I'm gonna go order some now.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited March 2015 PM
    I'll have to give these a try, I do love Balkans :D

    Ps it's only shameless if your product is crap and you know it
  • I've smoked both, and @fredh is rightfully proud of them. It's not shameless at all to be proud of such wonderful blends.

    I was wary at first because of the vinegar/ketchup aromas McC is famous for. Not even a hint in Wilderness and Legends. Airing them out is good advice from the blender. Just an hour after opening is enough.

    In my opinion, and only my opinion, Wilderness reminds be of Balkan Sobranie White Label. There are hints of the original Dunhill London Mixture made back in the good old days.

    Legends has a resemblance to Sobranie 759 Black Label. Very Oriental forward and the Flue Cured leaf is a wonderful foundation for the blend. The Turkish brings a lovely sweet & sour component and the finish is clean as a whistle.

    In the bowl both burn nicely. I dedicated a Radice Rind Billiard to them and both blends only took one relight. Dry heel, and I ran only one cleaner during the smoke.

    Very nice with a few fingers of The Balvenie Sherry Cask in a good glass.
  • Still looking for a hard copy of The Perfect Smoke: Gourmet Pipe Smoking for Relaxation and Reflection . I know it's on amazon for kindle. But I like paper.

    McClelland- Collector Blends Wilderness and Legends. I smoke both of these when I get the urge. My taste change with the season or for any reason. I do like a smoky smoke
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • bobbob Member
    shameless would be to pretend to have nothing to do with the blends.
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited April 2015 PM
    Still looking for a hard copy of The Perfect Smoke: Gourmet Pipe Smoking for Relaxation and Reflection . I know it's on amazon for kindle. But I like paper.
    Hi @basement_shaman. Thank you for your interest in the book. Unfortunately there are no more hard copies of The Perfect Smoke as they were all sold out by fall of 2012 having been released in the spring of that year. And the editor and publisher of the book, Dr. Bill Unger of the NASPC Press (North American Society of Pipe Collectors), could get no more hard copies made as he was suffering from leukemia and, I am sad to say, died at the end of that same year. I have seen but one copy (paperback) sold on eBay maybe a year or two ago, and that was a used copy that sold for a (ridiculously) high bid of $72 (retail price was $25). All that is left now is the Kindle version.

    The death of Bill Unger, who was also the editor of the NASPC's "The Pipe Collector" newsletter, was a tremendous loss to our hobby, and I personally still miss Bill every day. He was loved by all. If not for his insistence and editing, I would have never started nor finished the book. He was a great friend to all pipe and tobacco lovers.
  • Hi @fredh, first of all. Wilderness and Legends are incredible! I'm from Brazil where is quite rare to find them for sale. Only when some of my pipe smoking friends go to the US do they get me some tins, that's it. 

    The reason for this message is because of your book. I want to translate it to Portuguese. Do you have an e'mail where I can contact directly about this?

    Thanks you sir and all the best!!
  • I have some in the cellar. Can't remember which one right now. Both are good.
  • thx for postin' Fred, any info/update on the Syrian latakia ? .. availibility improvin' ?
  • @1sweetbriar Give the current state of Syria, it will be a long time before the possibility even exists of more Syrian Latakia production. That said, these two blends are, indeed heavenly for fans of English mixtures.
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    Hi All. I just now read the latest comments in this thread. Thank you for the kind words about my blends. I just returned from the Chicago Show and I continue to receive great feedback regarding the blends.

    @lonesomepipe: Hi Marlon, I sent you a private message. Please let me know your thoughts.

    @1sweetbriar: I do not know what is going on with Syrian Latakia but I sure would like to know. When I find out I will post it here. If someone else finds out anything specific, let us know.

    @Zanaspus: I am sure you are right. If you have any further info, please let us know.

  • @Fredh Nothing more than anyone can read daily on CNN. Mass genocide, mass exodus, bloody civil war. Doesn't make for happy farming. :(
  • fredhfredh Member
    @Zanaspus Of course you are right.

    Nonetheless, I would welcome any information that specifically deals the production of Syrian latakia in Syria during these tragic times.
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