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Old Mill Arabesque

jmahesjmahes Member
edited January 2016 in Types of Snuff

Old Mill Arabesque

fine grind similar to Tennessee Toast, lighter in color.

Cardamon and spices out front for sure.

Cinnamon and citrus-y mint in the middle/ background and a beautiful sugar/butter finish.

Nice burn with no overpowering scenting but it still maintains a flavorful, moderate, and predictable aroma that has good lasting power but does taper off into tobacco.

Try this: hit some indoors until the Cardamon gives way and the Cinnamon comes through, then go outside and let the Mint and Citrus swirl you around ...


  • jmahesjmahes Member
    edited January 2016 PM

    Very Nice indeed.

    Arabesque is perfect for this time of year ( especially for those of us that live in the snow ).

    I think aging will enhance this snuff, maybe because of the complexity of the tobacco bill and spices? Although, it's very good now and for those that would like a taste of the Near and Middle East without going full-monty into the Indian aromatics; this one will not disappoint!

  • image
  • I have no idea what cardamon is like, but an Old Mill snuff sounds like a great way to find out!
  • Mine should be here in a couple days.  Can't wait.
  • 1holegrouper1holegrouper Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    I might be one of the first few folks on this forum to receive some. Just got a sample today with my order. It is hard to describe Cardamon's scent/flavor. I would say that it is very pleasant, intriguing, cool, smooth, not overdone. When you experience it you will then remember what Cardamon is. Complex yet simple. This is the kind of snuff that will bring back scent memories. A very pleasant snuff. I would consider it almost a dessert snuff. yet you could take it all day and be satisfied. It is very easy to take and consistent with other OM snuffs in quality and full yet balanced and not overbearing flavor. It is an experience- I must say.
  • chefdanielchefdaniel Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    I'd like to present an update from a purely personal perspective; after all, I've been nurturing this finicky beast along for well over a year.  The finicky nature is my own fault, considering a tobacco bill that has more downside potential than a Kentucky Derby Trifecta.  

    Add to that a scenting system loaded to the rafters with disaster at every turn.  It's my own damn fault. 

    And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    In just a few days this snuff has evolved and improved like no other I've experienced.  Not only evolving in the "tin" but also in the nose. 

    The more I indulge, the more it reveals those elusive scents and flavors I was looking for, only more so.  It's still a cardamom bomb, but as it settles in, the nuts, citrus and mint do their dance in and out of the experience.  Weird, in the best ways possible.

    The honey and butter are always present, but never intrusive, so the sweetness never gets cloying, and the butter helps make the experience pretty much painless, aside from a solid initial burn.  The dried fruits add a bit of a tannic nuance that makes the finish very clean.

    The downside is that this is a snot monster.  I never get a back-drip from any snuff, so I can't address that aspect, but give up the hankies and kleenex for this one; go straight for a highly absorbent beach towel to keep up with the flow.  And do not wear a white shirt.

    Nicotine?  It's in there, but not so much that it causes me any issues; don't let that influence your assessment, I go through HDT by the ounce on a weekly basis.
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited January 2016 PM
    I recall an episode of Chopped where the chefs were given cardamom as one of the four required ingredients.  One of the chefs had no clue what it was, thought it was a grain, so she served it up like couscous.  LOL
  • We call those folks "shoemakers" for good reason.  She should have just used them as suppositories and been done with it.  Asshat.
  • Just tried this latest release and, 'wow', am totally blown away at how great it is. Once again I am in awe of Chef Daniel's mastery of snuff making. I received a jar and tin of it last week and let it sit in my fridge until this morning when I opened the tin and scooped the contents in my Toque stainless flask. I let the flask warm up in my pocket for an hour before taking a sample in each nostril. The first thing I get is the cardomon but it isn't as intense as I had thought it was going to be. I think the cardomon has blended with the other flavors and become less 'forward' as when it was first formulated. I get a richness and sweetness mixed with the nuts and spices and a wonderful hint of mint. Fifteen minutes afterwards, I can still taste and smell this elixir of the gods. The Turkish tobacco makes its presence known but is fairly unobtrusive in nature. This is what I consider to be an all day snuff.
  • It made my mouth water with the first spoonful.  I agree - not as heavy in cardamom as I was expecting - as the mild burn fades, the cardamom subsides a bit, and the other scents come out - the spice, the booze, the tobaccos, the lemon.  Outstanding stuff.

    I jarred most of my large tin for storage, and took a wee bit of what I left in the original tin, and decanted it into another wee container, to which I added an equal part of HDT.  This is fantastic - much like a dribble of branch water into a cask strength whisky.  Dries it out just a bit, opens the scent a bit, and adds a breadyness that is like dipping naan into a lovely curry.

  • It's amazing !! Although it went straight to my lungs the first time :-( the flavour was so in your face Cardamom ! I had my one pastry shop and we made some pastry with Cardamom and I know it's hard to keep such a subtle taste/ sent but you did it @chefdaniel ! I'm very impressed !
  • Where can one get Old Mill Arabesque?
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