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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Peterson System

So, after several years of smoking a pipe I'm finally going to buy briar. I know, that's a long time with just corn cobs. Anyway, I've been eyeballing Peterson and was wondering if anyone had experience with their system pipes? Are they as cool smoking and awesome as they sound?

Or if anyone has any suggestions for a first briar for someone who knows how to smoke already. I'm splurging here (for my spendthrift nature anyway) so looking at around 150-250 dollars.

Thanks guys


  • Personally System pipes are my favourite pipes, they are excellent smokers and not too hard on the bank account.  It is just amazing how much moisture is in the reservoir after smoking some blends. 
  • @ SandwhichIsles Peterson System are not bad pipes in general, but by my private opinion current production are not that great as used to be in years gone by. These days I will be focusing on Premier System or De Luxe System pipes, but I shall take trough examination on them due quite poor quality of drilling on many Peterson Pipes. If I have free 250 USD I shall purchese some other brand pipe(s) such as NOS Ropp or NOS? Chacom USA line from or i shall look arcroos ebay for some vintage Peterson systems. Jack
  • Excellent advice to find an ebay offering of vintage Peterson System pipes.  I found and bought six silver spigot Peterson System pipes for just under the retail price of one single large standard Pete.  

    I should feel shame because it was a widow auctioning off her late husband's collection, but she was happy and so was I.  Amazing what you can find with a bit of patience.  Just to rub it in, I also got an Autograph 000 from her for $30.00.
  • MouseMouse Member
    edited February 2016 PM
    I like some of the higher end Savs. Also Radice, and L'Anatra offer a lot of bang for the buck. If you are not a clencher, Moritz pipes are sublime with very thin bits.
  • Well guys, still looking. I'm not sure about Ebay because I don't know enough about briar or estates to know if I'm walking into a major mess that I don't know how to fix. I might get an estate from p&c or smokingpipes because I know it would be in smoking shape. Wish I had a pipe shop here, the only real tobacconist on the island focuses on cigars.
  • I've bought some estates from this fellow, he has a good reputation:

  • 1sweetbriar1sweetbriar Member
    edited February 2016 PM
    look at a new St Patrick's Day Pete. Ther nice again this yr.. if u want a lil higher end, look at the 
    150th anniversay Founders pipe.. it the old Oom Paul that was chosen for the 150th anniversary.
    Prices have recently gone up due to the cost of quality briar. I also noticed the Peterson meerschaum
    have gone up too..
  • edited February 2016 PM
    Most system pipes have the P lip; it a small hole at the mouth piece and directs the smoke to the roof of the mouth. I prefer the fish tail mouth piece. I had good luck getting some system pipes used, that turned out to be good smokers they come in different bowl sizes and shapes. And tobacco will preform a bit differently according to the diameter  and depth of a bowl. I personally don't like rusticated finish I like smooth easy to keep shiny. system pipe&_sticky=1&_sop=1&_sc=1&_trksid=m194&ssPageName=STRK:MEFSRCHX:SRCH 

    the lighter color the stain the better the brier grain and less flaws.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I've heard mostly OK things about them, but do not have one personally.  I have had other Peterson's.  I like them well enough, but have found Savinellis to smoke very well.  I'm in the Sav 320 fan club.  Not an elegant shape, maybe, but smoke wonderfully.  I have two, and were both in the $80 new range.

    That said - a 302 system is on the radar.  :-) 

  • I second Pipestud. He is well known in the pipe world and would not steer you wrong. You might pay a little more with him but you will get what you see online.
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