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Rehydrating Snus

HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
So I just put in my first snus order in almost a year, so I'm pretty excited about that. I got my hands on some Ettan Los earlier this year and kind of forgot about a can in the fridge at work. This was a major source of bad vibes, as Ettan used to be an all-day for me. Anyways, being so excited about this order coming in, I got impatient and decided before I just threw it away, I'd at least try to rehydrate my Ettan. Searching other forums I found a method and gave it a shot. Remember, this stuff was dry as a bone. I dropped a few drops of distilled water over it, stirred it up, put it back in the can, shook it, and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I came in this morning to a fresh can of Ettan! Honestly, I didn't really expect it to work, but it even tasted (mostly) fresh. Anyone else ever try this? Does this work with portions, too?


  • While I was in the hospital in 14 .my open cans dried up. I went the route of adding McCormick coffee extract to some white portions with an eye dropper. and mint extract to the mint portions. but had not tried water . My loose i just stirred a teaspoon into my dip until it was gone. I don't know if they lost any strength but they sure were tasty.  I can't afford to waste anything.  
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  •  I watched a YouTube video some time ago all about snus and the host added water to one can and a slice of an apple in another can to rehydrate. I'm guessing the YouTube video is still there if interested in details. That's all I remember. :P 
  • I added some fresh Islay Whiskey to a dried batch of Islay Whiskey snus, and improved them.

  • It works with portions just as well as l
  • Citrus peels: orange,lemon,lime. Just check it periodically because Ive left them in too long and you have a soggy mess,swollen portions. Overnight is a rough estimate,but depends on the moisture level of the peel....Also heard,forgot where of course, you can leave the can open and channel the water vapor from a humidifier.Seems like it might work and be less invasive.
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