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Silver Dollar Nasal Snus

Please please please tell me where I can order Silver Dollar Nasal Snuff Cherry in the United States? My local cigar shop can't seem to carry it regularly and dealing with payment for companies in Sweden is ridiculous.


  • Order directly from Toque. They're in the UK, but shipping is fast and cost reasonable. There is a minimum order, but it's no big deal, plus Roderick is a great guy.
  • Check Smoker Friendly chains. They probably have one or two flavours on hand, so can order others. I picked up apricot the other day and the owner said hed order more, but id have to purchase several because theres absolutely no demand in the US.....its really nice to be able to walk in somewhere and buy it whenever you want without having to wait., but really, just order it from Toque website....just eliminate the frustration right out. If you get it from Toque, its going to cost alot less and bet itll be alot fresher.good luck!
  • ....I kinda feel like an advertisment, but heck, just wanted to add that Toque is a reliable company with freshest products and excellent customer service, youd be wise to order from them.
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