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World Travel With Pipes and Snuff

Good Morning (or afternoon if you're of that time zone),

It's been a while since I've posted anything but have been a visitor to read other posts but I need your help!  

My partner and I have been saving to go on a round the world backpacking trip for nearly 3 years and come Aug/Sep we will be going!!

Since I've started smoking a pipe, I want to take a couple with me and some tobacco. 

I am looking for advice in transporting and travelling with pipes and tobacco long term.

I have a pipe roll for day to day with pipe socks, 2 baccyflaps, various pipe tools and a zippo. All this will then be going into a leather wash bag to keep it all together with pipe cleaners.

The tobacco I am taking is, Peterson Uni Flake, SG Bothy flake and Mick McQuaid Plug.

Here in lies where I need help/advice.

Do you think the 2 baccyflaps will be sufficient in keeping the 2 flakes in good condition? I plan on keep the plug in a tin as it does not fit in a baccyflap.

Also, pipe transport, any dos' or don'ts'??

I look forward to you hints and tips!

I should mention that we are using carry on size backpacks only so wont be checking in any luggage.

Regarding snuffs, I am planning on filling a couple of old SG 25g tins with Mcc O&G.




  • I am not sure I would be able to do without GQ's Askwith Kake either so will take a lump of that too!
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