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Smoking rustica snuff?

Does anyone sprinkle rustica on the tobacco in their pipe to boost the nicotine content of the pipe tobacco?  It occurred to me that this might be an . . . erm . . . interesting experience.  I haven't bought any rustica yet, but I do routinely sprinkle other snuffs in my pipe on top of the burning tobacco, as it adds some interesting flavors, a nicotine boost, and serious clouds of smoke.


  • Well, I've smoked Tambolaka which is pure rustica, so it couldn't be that bad.
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    @Zanasplus - hmm . . . I thought Tambolaka was Burley and cigar leaf - could be wrong, though.
  • @MarkM Nah, that;s just what the poorly informed tobacco reviews says. It is, indeed, rustica. I purchased mine directly from Indonesia back in the day, but the retail website seems to have disappeared. :(
  • I've mixed a small amount of rustics in with pipe tobacco several times. I have a very high tolerance to nicotine and I can tell you it packs a serious wallop.
  • fj1988fj1988 Member
    I'm tempted to try this in a roll-up but fear it can only serve to increase my hopeless addiction to nicotine. What's a man to do??
  • Tambolaka is Nicotiana tabacum, an Indonesian relative of Virginia tobacco. If you want a rustica version of Tambolaka, there's a tobacco made by an almost identical process, but crafted by indigenous Peruvians, called Mapacho. Powerful stuff, but very delicious in a pipe. Makes a wonderful blender especially complimentary to a VaPer and English mixture.

    If you're a good Google detective, you can find ways to order it direct from Peru without running afoul of customs. Sharing links on a public forum could shut off those channels, much as it affected the brief but beautiful moment when Americans could easily get pipe blends from Indonesia, so unique and special they could blow your mind, but of course some idiots wrote articles in popular blogs and magazines, and the bootleg channels were cut off.

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