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Most Overrated Snuff

TobeTobe Member
We've got a "Most Underrated Snuff" thread, so I figured we ought to have a counterpart. While I recognize and respect that we all have different tastes, given my personal tastes the most overrated snuffs available are:

1. 41P White Elephant (IMHO, there are better snuffs with equivalent Vitamin N)

2. Poschl Gletscherprise (IMHO, not only is it not the best mild menthol out there, it's not even the best mild menthol Poschl)

3. Viking Dark (this, along with GH Sea Breezes and Gotard Irish Cream, ranks in my bottom three)

So what say you? Any snuffs you see getting tons of love here that leave you scratching your head?


  • With all due respect - SPs (as in bergamot snuff).  Sorry SP folks!  I don't dislike them, but I remember taking my first SP and thinking "This is the beloved SP scent?".  Years down the road, when I'm tired of everything else and just want a plain all-day snuff with a light scent added, then I might appreciate the SPs more.  

    ...This was also my first "bad hit" of snuff.  It was Toque SP Extra, and it freaking hurt.  I was brand new, only had SG before that, and so I just really took a big pinch of it hard and fast.  So honestly, I wasn't like "This is the beloved SP scent?", but I was more like "F*** SPs!"   ...still though, I don't think it's that great of an aroma.  
  • This is controversial, and could potentially upset some of my snuffhouse friends, so I try not to say it too often these days ....

    Artisan snuffs!

    Apologies to the craftsmen that make these creations, and to those here that adore their offerings. I find them either too fine and dry (which I hate irrespective of maker) and the moister coarser artisan snuffs despite some very lovely scents, give me a completely prohibitive backdrip, which on occasion has actually got me retching. Dholakia Wine and Cheese is the only other snuff which has achieved this with me. They are a premium priced product that for me have had a 100% failure rate. I don't want to dissuade anyone else from trying them, we all have very different tastes, but I decided quite a while back that I will not be trying any more.


    Aside from being fine and dry (see my comments above), I find the scent truly revolting. I'm struggling to describe it as it's so long (thankfully) since having the scent in my snout, but I want to say burning rubber, or burning electrical insulation. Just like those smells, the smell of toasts doesn't go away either. It stubbornly clings on to the inside of your face while you try and batter it to death with repeated pinches of Bordeaux.


    I don't mind a very subtle hint, or even a slightly less subtle hint if suffering a cold, but some snuffs burn my face so hard I just want to dunk my head in a bucket of Flamazine. You know how food packages have warnings when food contains nuts (even when nuts are the only thing in the packet), well I think they should do the same with menthol snuffs. It would be nice to know if I'm about to indulge in a self afflicted acid attack, so I can have a dermatologist on standby
  • @tobe great thread and I agree with you on the viking. But I'm unsure if my sample was as originally designed or a bad batch. Do you notice a spearmint scent?

    @50ft_trad I'm with you on the menthol. The tiniest hint is great for me, more than that I don't like. I have a tin of super menthol by wos that I put a pinch of in some of my blends and is nice.

    As to overrated, I think whites in general are overrated. Don't get me wrong, they're good, but I don't see them as being worthy of being put on a pedestal.

  • TobeTobe Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    @snuffsahoy I don't recall a spearmint scent at all, but it's been a while. In fairness, I'm going to try some Viking Dark again later on just to see if it's improved somehow. And to your comment about whites, Dholakia White is another snuff I consider overrated, for the same reason as 41P WE.

  • jmahesjmahes Member
    @snuffsahoy, just did a lot of it and there's no spearmint in it....unless your nose (brain ) is translating something in there as such, which is possible
  • Possible, but I think Occam's razor applies here, I probably just got the batch kept next to the spear at the warehouse. Sorry for the hijack, back on topic.
  • DxxDxx Member
    I have to concur with White Elephant. Not that I have anything against the lumbering pachyderm; indeed, I love the stuff. Then again, the Beatles were, at one and the same time, both the most over-rated and the best pop group in the history of pop groups. I rather imagine that George (surely the most under-rated of the over-rateds) would have loved a nostril or two of the stuff whilst jabbering away with the Maharishi.
  • fj1988fj1988 Member
    I still love the WE and the 'novelty' hasn't tarnished, unlike my feelings for F&T HDT. Loved that at first but it struck me recently just how alike it is to Toque natural toast. That doesn't make it 'bad' in any way but it knocks it from the pedestal it is so often placed upon, and elevates the Toque from its comparitive nowhere status to the heights it deserves. Now I know we all have different interpretations of snuff but when I handed the two tins in question to my missus to verify my suspicions, she swore they were the same snuff despite my protestations to the contrary and could not be convinced otherwise.
  • TobeTobe Member
    @snuffsahoy No spearmint detected, just burning rubber or some such. I'm going to give it a bit more time and see if... Well, no. Actually I'm just going to get rid of it and the Viking Brown. They're just not for me.
  • @Tobe Keep them! They'll make good bases for mixers to tone down over scented snuffs, even if you don't like them on their own
  • TobeTobe Member
    Hmm... Hadn't thought of that. Good idea! Thanks. Here I was looking to trade them away or sacrifice them to the trash can gods.
  • Viking Blonde is one that leaves be cold. Great texture, but has a bit of a sickly toast scent. Mixed with a bit of F&T Seville makes it very usable.

    Good mixers for the Brown are GH Cherry, Celtic Talisman or Firedance. The strong F&T florals may work well too. I don't think I've ever mixed the Dark
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    edited May 2016 PM
    This is a fun thread B-)
    As I read through it, I can't help but reflect on how my tastes have changed over the years. Menthols, for example, I avoided at all costs until, for no particular reason, I started slowly getting into them. Still not an all-day for me, but certainly a few ate becoming every day. Oh, and fruit snuffs! I used to roll my eyes when someone would rank a fruity or sweet snuff as one of their favorites, but for the last month, again for no particular reason, Toque Grapefruit has been my go-to morning pinch, and Toque Raspberry comes with me on any nice, sunny day!
    On the topic of "artisans", I agree and I disagree. There is a camp out there who seem to feel that anything labeled "artisan" is inherently superior to anything mass produced, which is obviously not true. There are plenty of small-batch snuffs whose commercial counterparts are every bit as good, if not better, and sometimes at less than half the price. There are also some snuffs under the "artisan" label that rank among my favorites, which I don't mind paying the extra money for. That said, and there was once a time it was dangerous to say this here, I have yet to try anything by Abraxas that I thought was anything better than "okay".
    I've watched my tastes change so radically that I've learned not to write anything off anymore, ever. In fact, if any of you watch my channel, you'll notice I don't have any bad reviews on it. This is not because I love everything I try, it's because I can't predict what I'm even going to like a year from now, let alone what your tastes are, so who am I to steer you away from something you may end up loving, just because I don't like it right now?

    On topic, though, if I had to put something down at the moment that I just can't agree about, it's florals. I like a couple that have a HINT of floral, but straight floral snuffs, to me, are soapy. Some of the more popular ones have literally made me wretch, and pretty much all of them give me a headache.
  • I agree @hitsuzen, snuff tastes change, or sometimes just the mood changes. @tobe don't throw anything out, maybe decant to glass and put in a out of the way tote. They take so little room and you might enjoy them later. Even the viking I found myself taking a few big pinches of yesterday as a change of pace. And it was nice as that.
  • SkeGSkeG Member
    Toque Spanish Gem. To me it tastes like chocolate and I find Toque Chocolate better. :)
  • Just to clarify ,I wrote my review of 41 Photo White Elephant years before Mr Snuff sold it. And as anyone that been using snuff for at lease 5 yrs will agree, batches change all the time. Also what been sitting in a warehouse may or may not be the same snuff others love or hate. I find the new WE to be a bit weaker and much easier to use then the batch I wrote my review on. I use Dholakia White just as often I find it's strength hasn't changed much over the last decade.
    I no long write reviews. I wouldn't want to mislead anyone.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Toque Quit. I simply don't get it all the hoopla, but that's how it goes.
  • WoS Tom Buck. Just recently finished a second tin of this and really after a very awesome first gram or two, this stuff just loses its taste for me regardless of how much care I put in to decanting it right away into airtight glass containers. I love SP's when I am in the mood for one, but I like the scent to last for more than 1.5 seconds with diminishing returns over time!

    Also, Dholakia. Friggin. Black. Not that this actually gets a lot of hype but people do swear by it. Like basement shaman said, batches do vary, but holy hell if I lucked out in getting the one that truly smells like a dirty diaper. I don't mean barn yard or hay or farm yard or manure, those scents I can handle and in fact enjoy. I mean the smell of fecal matter mixed with that mild scent that diaper companies insist on working in to the diaper material. That is literally what I got every time and it lingered in a very unpleasant way. I tried airing the snuff out and I think it actually got worse. I experience that smell from a reasonable distance many times a day with my baby twins so, no, I am not interested in paying money to intentionally lodge that smell in powdered form into my sinuses. I love Dholakia white and 41 photo WE but come on, this stuff is just gross.
  • I agree with @54_trad about artisan snuffs.
    I think the artisan makers must be missing part of the process or using the wrong additives or something. My own experiments have been very similar.

    I also strongly disapprove of one maker's use of the name 'Lundy Foot', especially given the fact that we don't even know for sure what Lundy Foot was actually like, or even exactly what type of snuff it was.
  • Ya know, as far as naming snuff is concerned and what blends may have been comprised of 200+ years ago, I don't personally get any bit bothered by it. I completely understand, but sometimes it's best to just let snuff be snuff. I wonder what it was called when it was first brought over to Europe and how brands derived from differences in shipping and storage imparting different scents to the snuff. The only major back drip I got from an artisan snuff was SWS Latakia blend and I chalk that up to the coarseness and moist nature of the intended final product, not in any way a mistake on the makers part. Then again I get back drip from many snuffs even though I rarely snuff past the lower part of my nose by mistake as I did often when I first took up the hobby. I chalk that up to my younger days of putting slightly more naughty things up my nose perhaps took a toll on how all that works up there, though I am fairly sure I don't have a deviated septum(how does one know?)

    I think that all snuffs can be over glorified and all can be put in their place by another snuff if you want to view it as a constant quest for the holy grail snuff of all snuffs. What makes it fun is that any one snuff can have its shining moment depending on your mood and body chemistry. Except for Dholakia Black, Btw, no offense to Dholakia as a company as they have many fine snuffs I enjoy greatly. And maybe my palate is just not refined enough to understand the Dholakia black though I do enjoy black rappees with considerable farm yardyness. I just can't get past the "ass" odor it has, I am sorry.

  • Haha "ass" odor. I almost want to get some to see what that is about. But then I'd likely smell the ass and wonder why I bothered :-)
    I pretty much snuff and let snuff.
    I like artisan snuff not only for the concoctions but I like being able to directly contact the makers. Not a likely thing with F&T or Conwood or whatever.
  • eblipeblip Member
    I think Toast snuffs are disgusting, and smell like burning plastic.
    How anyone would prefer these disgusting snuffs, i'll never know.i wasted money on High dry toast, I can smell it from a mile away...terrible stuff, and well overrated.

    the menthol's are also overrated, snuffing menthol isn't snuffing in my eyes. Its for people who need a nicotine hit but cant stand snuff. totally overrated and as far as i am concerned, menthols are for people who really shouldnt be snuffing...that said i would pick Hedges 260 over F&T high dry toast any day.
  • White Elephant and various artisan snuffs. I never understood all the hype about the extra nicotine. I have lots of scotches and plains, Indian, American, and English. They all satisfy the same itch. I rotate among them, and my experience is they are just as good as WE. I recall the price hike after people started posting how awesome it was. I just laughed.
  • eblipeblip Member
    I think a lot of snuffs are overated...but definitely taxi red...this snuff is nothing spectacular in many depertments
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    @eblip there's a phenomenon I've experienced with snuff that I call "the nose learning it has nicotine." Not the most flattering description of the result but I notice if I try to give a snuff a chance for a couple days I *usually* come around and find myself enjoying it. Also using snuffs with similar qualities - if I recall it wasn't until after I started snuffing GH SP that I also began enjoying WoS Rows of Sharrow, which I couldn't tolerate in my first couple months of snuffing.

    Regarding a burnt plastic smell ... a year from now you might enjoy that ;) the dark SGs have a burning tire/black shoe sometimes and I've somehow come to cherish that. My SG M and Madagascan has it as did one of my SG Elmos. When I first smelt that aroma I thought something was wrong with the snuff, but ... the nose learned it has nicotine!

    As for overrated snuffs ... 6Photo Super Kailash. But hey if I gave it a real go I would probably ... learn it has nicotine and come to appreciate it. But it smelt to me at the time like someone was playing a joke on me with a batch of fecal-scented tobacco powder.
  • Just as pointed out above. Don't be a chicken shit to try snuffs that many find enjoyable. Some may give that impression but possibly grow enjoyable as it dose for me with more use.
  • I don't understand how people like coarse grinds. They clog me up, fall out, & I don't feel the nic as I do with fine & dry. The Babaton blue didn't smell like ammonia, though; so, it may have been old.
  • bobbob Member
    Taxi, NTSU, all the south african style coarse snuffs. Which actually go great if used as snus or dip. I do like those snuffs, however I have never experienced any massive nicotine buzz with them or found them exceptional.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    @bob if you're smoking weed and you are high and try some ntsu then you will clearly notice the nicotine trip/ buzz. I'm not telling that you must be high on weed to notice Ntsu's effects but for sure when high the effects of ntsu are more noticable! The best way to introduce a friend into nasal snuff is to take big pinches of ntsu while you are high on weed! 
  • EpitangoEpitango Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    I didn't think Viking Thor's Hammer was anything special.
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