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Pipe and snuff combinations

I find Elmo's and 1792 to be quite pleasant. An American scotch complements Old Dark Fired nicely. Do you have a favorite snuff and pipe combination with like or complementary flavors? Are there combinations that ruin both experiences for you?

I'm talking about snuffing. I've heard of people adding snuff directly to the pipe. Heck, talk about that, too.


  • I recently, and not necessarily by design, ended up with Bobs Choc Flake in the bowl, and WoS Tangerine in the hooter. That worked out very nicely indeed
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    Pipes and snuff are a great combination in general.  Recently I've taken to adding snuff directly to the burning tobacco in my pipe bowl, with some great results.  Toque Vanilla, Toffee, and Chocolate are wonderful for adding sweetness to the pipe smoke, without the syrupy, cloying, wet, tongue-biting nature of heavily cased aromatics.  And talk about nicotine - wow.
  • So I can just drop a pinch in a bowl while I'm smoking. I might try that.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    I don't much pinch while enjoying a pipe, but I do like to chase a pipe witha pinch of something complimentary to the flavor left on my pallet. If I just finished something heavy, like a Lat blend, I chase it with a pinch of something bright. I love chasing a bowl of Frogs OTB with a pinch of WoS Best SP or OM PVT. If I just finished something light and sweet, I like to chase it with a pinch of something dark and spicy, for example a pinch of Viking Dark or DkM Lat Ao 1860 after a bowl of McC Stave Aged 35 RC.
  • edited May 2016 PM
    If I need a quick buzz I put Dokha on top of some pipe weed nothing send the blood pressure through the roof faster.
    A strong menthol or medicated sprinkled on top when you first light up a bowl opens up the lungs. 
    I pared the Sg snuffs with their pipe counterparts Elmos /1792, Grousemoore / Grousemoore,  Firedance / Firedance , Celtic Taisman /Celtic Talisman. A large dose in the nose then add fire to the pipe been doing it for years but it not something I am religious about. .I normally don't continue with snuff while smoking. 
    I have however Snuff while using Snus.And also smoked with snus
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I have Firedance snuff and Grousemoor pipe tobacco, but not their counterparts. I'm not a fan of Grousemoor, though--lemongrass!?

    Peter Stokkebye Amsterdam is awesome with some Garrett in the nose.
  • chrischris Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    @TerrapinFlyer I have not tried Firedance snuff or tobacco but I do use both Grousemoor snuff and Grousemoor tobacco.

    I have no idea why the snuff and tobacco share that name as to my tastes they are complete opposites.

    Grousemoor pipe tobacco - as the SG blurb reads - does remind me of a Spring day. I find it very refreshing.

    Grousemoor snuff has the aroma of a wet day in the countryside in Autumn. I think it is a fine snuff but definitely Autumnal.
  • The Grousemoor snuff sounds better than the pipe blend. I should try the snuff and revisit the pipe tobacco, as it really wasn't to my taste at first. I bought a tin a long time ago and have probably 45g left in the jar.

  • @chris Interesting comments on the Grousemoor, I had to go take a pinch as I'd not made the autumnal connection before. I definitely get the "damp day" effect, and I get a peaty/leafy/composty backdrop backdrop behind the floral note. Personally I do get more of a moorland smell overall than an autumn one, but I do completely understand what you mean.

    Irrespective, it's a damn fine snuff :D
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