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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Northerner Online Age Verification

Anyone run into an issue verifying their age on the Northerners site?

Wanted to stock up on some snus and managed to get as far as the check-out only to be held fast by the age verification. I sent an email but its been nearly a week since and nothing yet.


  • That can't be good for business . I can get general locally and they send me coupons. Sorry no help here.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • It asked for month and year of birth, which I supplied- then asked for the last 4 of my SSN. No go. As for snus locally, the shop here only has two types- neither of which do I care for. I can and do get it from Mr.Snuff but I wanted some different stuff.

    I got an automatic reply saying they get lots of emails and will get back to me. Normally I wouldn't fret but I would like some snus for the stash and travel.

  • So this is what I got back from Northerner today. Not quite what I was expecting and I did shoot them an email asking how this can be and how to remedy it.
    We are very sorry that you are having problems with verifying your age.

    You verify your age by first entering the address you are registered at. Then choose the month you were born, and last enter the year. So for example if you were born in january 1975, you choose jan, and write 1975.

    The verification only works automatically on the address you are registered at. You can therefore not place an order to your work address or any other address than the one you are registered at with the US government. If you have moved recently and your new address hasn't been registed yet, the age verification might not work, and it can be because you are still registered at your old address.

    In some states you have to be over 21 in order to sign for your package when it arrives. The age to buy tobacco products is 18 and that is what we comply with. Please check locally for more information on the age regulations in your state before your order. If UPS refuses to release the package to you due to local age regulations there is unfortunately nothing we can do.

    You have to be a US citizen in order to verify your age. The system checks through a site that pulls their information from the US government. So if the verification fails we can not manually approve your order I´m afraid.

    Please note that you need to place any order to an APO, DPO or FPO address to United States and not the country that you are located in. Choose the United States site view and during the checkout choose United States and your Armed Forces location as a state. All orders to US military addresses are sent with mail and not UPS.

    U.S states we are not allowed to send to:
    If you live in Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington or Wisconsin, we are unfortunately not allowed to sell tobacco to you. Its forbidden with online sales of tobacco in these states.

    U.S states with exceptions:
    If you live in New York State or Rhode Island, we can only send you tobacco or mint (mint, wintergreen, frosted, cold) flavored tobacco products. There are local laws in the States of NY and RI that prohibits sales of tobacco products with other flavors than mint and tobacco. If you order products with other flavors they will be cancelled and refunded.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

    Have a lovely day!

    With best regards,
    Northerner Help Desk

    What chaps me and as I asked of them is how can there be a centralized database that a private entity can use to verify I am in-fact "registered" to a particular address. Quite frankly I would be surprised to know since I know of no US Government entity that maintains let alone releases or exchanges such with a private company. That said, has anyone from the States run into this issue and if so, how did you resolve it?

    I ask because I have used my current address for over two years and while I am curious about the US Government linkage, I would like to order from them.
  • edited March 2015 PM
    I had a problem paying with a credit card online with the IE browser with one particular site. Finally thought to just try a different browser instead, Chrome in this case and it worked first time. Sometimes it's just stupid things like this are the problem. Perhaps a different browser might allow the age check?

    I do feel sorry for Northerner having to comply with all of these different rules especially for Europe and USA which seem to be the most complicated and ragtag regulations possible to conceive but at least Northerner maybe could have told you who was imposing the particular set of rules for your location and then perhaps you could have found your answer with them?

    I live in the UK but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Uncle Sam knew pretty much everything about me. Anyway hope it's just a browser issue or perhaps you could get some-one else to register who can get past the age thing for now until you get it sorted but then you might get a Swat team descending on you thinking some-one was ordering tobacco for minor. Sorry for laughing. Hope you get to the bottom of it.

    Tried my first Wintergreen Snus, Jakobssons. Oh man that is awful, awful, awful............. It even stinks the room out after being in your mouth. I honestly can't believe that stuff and that it gets 5 star reviews. We used to rub wintergreen on our legs when forced to play rugby outdoors in winter, to try and prevent hypothermia. Brings back those happy days. Never thought of tasting the stuff though and now sadly I have. What next? diesel flavour, bleach flavour......
  • I love Jaks Wintergreen, different strokes for different folks I guess.
  • Not sure if its confusion on Northerners part but the last email I got said "due to the different tobacco consumption ages in the US...." which is balderdash since its 18 years of age in all 50 states. The bit about our social security having anything to do with verifying age is also nonsense- but I digress and may well forgo even trying anymore with them.

  • No issues with my recent order here in the UK. Sounds like they're doing their best to comply with a very restrictive system. Maybe your grievance should be with the people that made it so difficult for them, rather than those who are just trying to find a way to comply and avoid litigation. Hopefully they'll find a new way which keeps their noses clean but which makes it easier for them to trade over there. It can be difficult to get it right first time, which I suppose is why so many other companies have decided not to bother trying at all.
  • Honestly I see the restrictions as self imposed in this case.

    While there are state and federal regulations that apply to the sale of tobacco (and other age restricted products) it is obvious that Northerner is either misinterpreting or misapplying the current regulations. I tried to explain that what they are citing isn't a regulation (ie 21 to buy tobacco in some jurisdictions) and that there is no US government system that links DOB, social security number and address; or at least in this case, one that is accessible by/for a private tobacco retailer. Nonetheless I will have to find another retailer who can meet my needs.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited April 2015 PM
    Northerner ships to US customers from their US warehouse therefore PACT act applies, sounds to me that all this nonsense is to comply with the outrageous PACT act that caused so many online retailers to go out of business or jump ship to another country
  • I am in the UK and as age verification does not work here, I am not able to purchase item that are only available from the US warehouse ,like chew.
    I am a gold member but it is a lot cheaper to get snus elsewhere.
  • TobeTobe Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    I've never used Northerner. I use as they offer a wider range and seem to have better prices.
  • Well, It gets worse.After Northerner telling people in the UK that the majority of fraud comes from here (so we are a nation of fraudsters?) I got a reply from them,asking me for a scan of my passport. I cant believe they are doing this
    Anyone who does this is asking for trouble. There are loads of people that would pay well for a UK passport and some with really bad intentions.
    To my mind, this is a security breach.. Add to this, if you are a victim of bank fraud and you told the bank "I sent a copy of my passport over the internet" what do you think your chances of getting compensation would be?
    I wont be dealing with northerner again.
  • That is very dodgy indeed!
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Northerner sucks anyways. Their prices are high, their processing is usually slow, and they slap ugly stickers all over your cans. I only use snus occasionally now, but when I used it all the time I used I never had shipping issues and my box was usually in my hands within 72 hours.
  • Snus Central, Snus 24,Snus line. Who ever has the best deals when I have the money to spend gets my business .Northerner is bullshit, I heard nothing good about them ever!
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Got a code from Northerner offering 35percent off as "you haven't been buying from us".Told them yet again that no way were they going to get a scan of my passport so they said "send us a scan of your EU driving licence"
    Not a chance!!!!
    What world do these people live in?

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