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Snuff vs snus

I enjoy both forms of tobacco at various times depending upon the mood. However, for discreetness, snus portions are hard to beat especially when in a meeting or somewhere else where a nose blow might be distracting. What I've noticed about snuff is that I can feel the nicotine and other alkaloids working within minutes whereas with snus the effects are not as intense and take effect 30 to 40 minutes in. To me, snus doesn't seem like it immediately fulfills the nic jones but I can tell that it works because I don't have the urge to smoke after the portion works it's magic. Anyone else feel the same?


  • I use snus too, mainly just at the end of the night, as it takes longer to work but satisfaction lasts for a lot longer after it's removed, that way I go to bed with a clean nose:)

    I think the two complement each other perfectly.
  • I agree. Snuff to me is almost cigarette like in its quickness of nic effect but the effect fades away after about 20 minutes or so. Snus lasts for about an hour. I normally do the normal nic portions and not the strong or extra strong ones. I've even seen the crazy Siberia 43 mg but that would probably make me sick.
  • TobeTobe Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    I do Siberia Red quite often. When it comes to snus, I've found none that deliver the nicotine faster. As has been said before, you kind of have to use snus in anticipation of craving nicotine, as opposed to waiting for the craving to hit. At that point, for me, a high nic snuff will do the trick, with the only other fix being to smoke a cigarette.
  • I like using snuff, and also vape and partake of a pipe bowl. I do have some extra strong snus in the freezer, but it's there for emergencies only - long meetings or other occasions where snuff or vape is inappropriate. I have used it on long drives too. I don't particularly enjoy using snus TBH, but sometimes it is a practical way of getting from A to B so you can continue snuffing, vaping, smoking...
  • This monster don't feel the effects of nicotine.  The world is a safer place as long as the nicotine stream keeps flowing.You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry.

    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    @larry_90066 - I feel the same way.  While I like my snus on occasion (especially when discretion is needed), it simply doesn't replicate the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette the same way that snuff does.  In fact, studies have shown that nasal snuff is far and away better at replicating the nicotine blood level profile from smoking cigarettes, in terms of onset and duration, than any other form of smokeless tobacco.  I attribute this to the fine grind, where there is very little barrier between the free nicotine (and other alkaloids) available in the snuff and the micro vessels of the mucous membranes.

    Snus eventually does satisfy, but by the time you've had enough, sometimes you realize you've had too much.  There have been many times I've spit out my snus when I felt I'd had enough, and the nicotine level kept rising and rising until I thought I was going to be sick.  As others have said, with snus you definitely have to anticipate cravings - and, when those cravings will end; you have to get "ahead of the ball", so to speak.  With snuff, on the other hand, an immediate craving can be met with immediate satisfaction (especially a nice strong snuff).  For me, I find a combination of pipe and snuff is most satisfying.  The pipe gives me real, actual smoke, and the snuff gives me the nicotine jolt I'm craving.  (Of course, there are some really strong pipe tobaccos available, but the oral absorption of the nicotine from pipe tobacco is more along the timeline of snus.)

    I still vape - hell, I've got an advanced set-up and even make my own e-liquid.  But I find that my vaping is more and more taking a backseat to using actual tobacco.  There's something in real tobacco that you're just not going to find in plain nicotine.  (Perhaps that's why the gums and patches have such an abysmal long-term success rate.)  I do love vaping (perhaps mostly because I like playing around with gadgets), but there's something about it that just strikes me as fake - I prefer tobacco over e-juice the way I prefer butter over margarine (because I trust cows more than I do chemists).

    Besides, now that the FDA has decided that vaping is exactly the same as smoking, why not opt for the real thing anyway?
  • TerrapinFlyerTerrapinFlyer Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    @MarkM 's last sentence is important, especially if you substitute "cigarettes" for "the real thing." Public health authorities know full well that inhaling smoke is more harmful than inhaling vapor. In refusing to acknowledge this, they are killing people who might otherwise ditch butts for vaping. I don't use that language just to be inflammatory, but because it is true--and you won't hear the truth from them. Public health authorities are some of the most dangerous people to our liberty.

    That said, whole-tobacco snuff is much more satisfying than pure nicotine. If the other alkaloids vaporize at the same temperature as nicotine, a whole plant extract for vaporization might be the next generation.

    When the FDA (Remember them? They are there to protect us from *adulterants* in food, drugs, and cosmetics; that we're getting what's on the label.) takes control and vaping offers a tax base just like cigarettes, it will be interesting to see how fast their tune changes.
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    @TerrapinFlyer - re: "If the other alkaloids vaporize at the same temperature as nicotine, a
    whole plant extract for vaporization might be the next generation."

    Actually, it's already available; I just haven't tried it:
  • I'm a snus guy. Pipes, vape and snuff are in the mix also but snus is my main source of nicotine. Pipes and vaping are more for the burning tobacco or hand to mouth things. Snuff is for the aroma. Snus keeps me level, everything else gives me peaks when needed. 

    BTW way Siberia Red isn't 43mg per portion. That's per gram of tobacco and the portions are more like .6 of a gram. So per portion it's more like 23-25mg. Not that much higher than Oden's Extreme or Thunder Ultra. Don't be to scared of it. 
  • Well, there you go. I imagine they will have success, especially if they can economize production (and maybe get a patent) and advertise. I might have tried it had I known about it before I gave up vaping.
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