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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste


chefdanielchefdaniel Member
edited June 2016 in Other Forms of Tobacco
I'm a bit curious how others prepare their cigars for a lovely, slow death by fire.  V-cut, guillotine, punch???

I started with the V-cut until Davidoff released their double guillotine and still use a punch for rings over 50.


  • I used to have a Wenger Swiss Army Knife which had a cigar cutter, but sold that on as it wasn't getting enough use. If I have a cigar now, I just cut the end off with a pocket knife. I have considered getting myself a cheap cigar cutter, but mainly for cutting coins from pigtail and twist.

    Cigars will only ever be a very rare treat for me, and I'd rather spend the money on tobacco for my pipe or nose instead, especially at UK prices.
  • I use a 45-70 casing, it makes a great circular punch for cigars and the other rimmed end makes a great tamp for the pipe.
  • @chefdaniel, i like the v-cut personally
  • I like to punch
  • My trusty Palio is my weapon of choice.
  • MouseMouse Member
    depends on the vitola, torpedos, for instance, get the guillotine; densely packed cigars almost always get a v cut or have the end lopped off, otherwise it's often a punch.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    I prefer v cut, but I lost my v cutter. I have a regular cutter and a punch. I use the punch in bigger ring gauges and regular cutter on the smaller ones. I prefer smaller ring gauges and shorter cigars. Torpedoes get the cutter. I don't smoke too many torpedoes though.
  • I'm not that educated or sophisticated to own a cutter or punch  .I have a metal clothes hanger I cut to ream a hole down the center. I never get any canoeing. I just use my teeth to bite the end off. I will use a utility knife blade and cut a Churchill in half after all a Churchill doesn't know it is one.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I cut churchills in half too, improves them in every way.
  • IM thinking im going to have to cut some of my bigger sticks in two. When I first started buying cigars I would buy the longer sticks, only to find out I like the shorter smaller ring gauge. That's a good idea. I smoke cigars slowly, and I don't like spending that much time smoking a cigar unless IM smoking cigars with friends.
  • I use the Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter. I've tried other cutters and punches, and always come back to that one.

  • An advantage of lopping a few inches off the end of cigars that seem like too much of a time commitment is that you can accumulate a few, then mill down for snuff.

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