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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

9mm Pipe filters

After disappearing off the radar for a couple of weeks, my missing tin of 1792 Flake recently showed itself. I celebrated by partaking of a bowl in an unfiltered pipe, and despite it being a small bowl I had to smoke it in three sessions as the flavour was overwhelming.

I indulged in a bowl of 1792 Flake again this evening, but this time in a Molina Hobby (which I'm gradually modifying to be more "pipe" shaped) with a 9mm filter. It's amazing just how much that flavour is reduced with those filters.

Unfiltered, 1792 is too strongly flavoured for me, yet with a 9mm filter I can barely taste it, at least for the first half bowl - the second half (or is it a "used" filter) has more flavour. Makes me wonder what frequent 9mm filter users generally smoke, and how much flavour they tend to get. They do make pipe smoking idiot proof in as much as potential bite is concerned, but the airflow and flavour are so muffled, it's a very different experience, and I find myself smoking "hungrily"

Personally, I think the 6mm balsa filters are great, and I know you can get larger ones for the 9mm pipes, but I don't have any yet.


  • Anyone else use the 9mm cartridge type?
    If so, what tobacco do you smoke?
  • No filters for me. They mute the flavors too much. I don't smoke 1792 flake alot, but I like the full taste of it. Never tried it filtered.
  • No filters here either
  • I'm going to stick with the cartridge filters in the Hobby for now, for a few reasons.

    A) I already have a lot of filters for it, so I might as well use them. I also still have two thirds of a tin of tobacco that I find a little overpowering
    B) I want to see if I can discover the differences in technique that will let me get the best from this system. I don't think I've found the right technique for smoking with these filters yet
    C) It is good for toning down overpowering flavours, or any tobaccos that prove to be a little "steamy" without protracted drying.

    In time, I will probably try out the balsa inserts as well. Based on rough calculations, it looks like 1/4" square pieces should fit quite well, which means I could possibly buy from a hobby shop rather than paying the premium on the clover leaf Savinelli type.

    I certainly think there's scope for keeping one in the toolbox as it were, even if it's just for using up tobaccos that I otherwise might not enjoy. I won't be actively seeking out others in future though, unless the Hobby gets lost or broken, and will be sticking to both unfiltered and 6mm balsa filters (which I do enjoy using) for most of my pipe use.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    I would still be interested in hearing from regular users of 9mm filters though :)>-
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