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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Snuff in the book

In the book 'The Heart of Midlothian' by Walter Scott, we can see some statements:

"To a very decent merchant, a cousin o' my ain, a Mrs. Glass, sir, that sells snuff and tobacco, at the sign o' the Thistle, somegate in the town.";

"O, my worthy snuff-merchant?I have always a chat with Mrs. Glass when I purchase my Scots high-dried.?";

"some of them I wadna trust wi' six pennies-worth of black-rappee.";

'I hope the snuff continues to give your Grace satisfaction.';

"This did not quite satisfy the penetrating mistress of the Thistle. Searching as her own small rappee,"

Very good!


  • Good times!!!
    What do you think?
  • Excellent!
    I recovered the following from Wiki....what a brilliant pseudonym!

    "The Heart of Midlothian is the seventh of Sir Walter Scott's Waverley Novels. It was originally published in four volumes on 25 July 1818, under the title of Tales of My Landlord, 2nd series, and the author was given as Jedediah Cleishbotham, Schoolmaster and Parish-Clerk of Gandercleugh"

    Yesterday I was near where he lived for a time in Galashiels which makes me wonder about his tobacconist?...there was A. A. Maclachlan & Son of Gala but also Compton's of Galashiels, now a Canadian concern. I can't say when either were open in Galashiels?, however Compton's may have been 1920-1929 which would of course be too late
  • 'Valiant' stories...
  • Rereading David Copperfield. Young Copperfield recounts in his conversation with Mr. Dick (chapter 14),

    "-its a mad world. Mad as Bedlam, boy!", said Mr. Dick, taking snuff from a round box on the table and laughing heartily.
  • David Copperfield again. Chapter 24. He has a dinner party.

    "...And madly took so much snuff out of Grainger's box, that I was obliged to go into the pantry, and have a private fit of sneezing ten minutes long"
  • reading "Snuff Yesterday and Today" by C.W. Shepherd
  • And i am re-reading a Tale of Two Cities --here describing  the marquis after being rebuffed by monseigneur "With that, he shook the snuff from his fingers as if he had shaken the dust from his feet, and quietly walked down stairs. "
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