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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Stores to buy snuff in Phoenix?

Anybody in the Phoenix area know of any stores that sell snuff? Even scotches would be good enough. Since Arizona hates smokers so much, there aren't very many smoke shops I've found that aren't really just head shops or vape shops who happen to sell cigarettes (at ridiculous prices at that!)


  • I used to live in Phoenix and worked at Ye old Pipe and tobacco on 24th street just north of indian school. The owners of Ye old also own Stag in Scottsdale and stag by Metro center mall. They only sell Silver Dollar. If you happen to go to Wickenburg there is a place called Frontier tobacco they only have a few scotch and sweet snuffs from what I was told by a member here. IF you happen to find one of those smoke shops that sell snuff, let me know. there are way too many to casually call up or stop in. I currently live in Flagstaff where there is one place that sells silver dollar and some garrett. I haven't been in yet, so I don't know the full range. One other place sells Garrett sweet only.
  • thank you 50 times!. I really do like the silver dollar original snuff. i just ordered 5 tins from Toque's online story. Too bad its so expensive and only 5 gram tins. The original flavor is like an SP but with a dash of menthol in it. I'll check them out tho
  • @Peacock welcome. has more than 5g tins. They have 10g, 25g, 50g bags, 100 bags, 400 bags, etc. Not sure you were on the correct site if all they had were 5g tins. Unless for some odd reason that's all the sizes those flavors had in stock.
    Snuff is about the cheapest form of tobacco and nicotine delivery you can ask for. The shipping might be expensive from the UK, but I haven't ordered anything from the UK yet.
    This weekend I'm headed down to phoenix. I'm going to talk to the owner of Ye olde and see if he can get other types of snuff in.
  • @Peacock, I went and spoke with the owner about carrying more snuff. They said they wouldn't.
  • @Psicko Shipping from the UK is very reasonable. They ship Royal Mail. Delivery time for me in NC varies from 1 week to 10 days. The time variance is likely due to Customs.
  • From what I gathered it wasn't too bad. I'd rather be able to grab some locally if possible though.
  • PlantpartakerPlantpartaker Member
    edited December 2017 PM
  • @plantpartaker Try posting without any apostrophes, as in there is rather than thereapostrophes
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