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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Smoking Perique

HarlequinHarlequin Member
edited September 2016 in Other Forms of Tobacco
And yes I mean pure. On its way to me now is 2 ounces of old joe krantz, a tin of Haddo's Delight, and an ounce of McClelland Perique. Being an avid fan of The Beast himself and perique tobacco, I had to get the Haddos Delight. However Crowley was said to smoke straight perique soaked in rum. I have read the tobacco reviews site of people smoking it straight, and despite the warnings I want to at least once smoke as the Master Therion smoked. So my question is this. Who here has smoked it straight or rum soaked, and what did you think? Any tips or tricks? Or should I just sit down and hold on tight?


  • It's not as bad as most people make it out to be.
  • Straight Perique has nothing on Tambo.

    Tambo is the first pipe tobacco that floored me.  "I had to back up off of it" as Snoop Dogg says. 

  • You can tune your smoking cadence to smoke almost anything IMO. However, Perique makes its presence known in pipe mixtures at as little as 5-10% of said mixture, so you might consider how overwhelming the taste will be even if you very much like perique as a condiment. It's kind of like thinking that hey, I like a little worchestire sauce on said food, maybe I should drink a whole bottle by itself eh? But, that may very well be your game and the awesome thing is that you can do it! Let us know what the taste is like and how you fair with managing the nicotine!
  • Yeah, most blends have 5-10% perique. I was going on my second day at a pipe show and I tried a blend with 40% perique. I smoked the whole bowl. I can't remember the blend, but that about put me on my ass. My buddy said I actually turned a bit green.
  • @DTOM7476 Thats a bad analogy for me since I am known to drink from the Worcestershire sauce bottle as I cook....Or maybe a good omen for the perique... 
  • Perique is far better than straight Latakia . Now Dokha & Thuoc Lao. That stuff sends me places.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited September 2016 PM
    @harlequin, Bayou Night is well over fifty percent. Yes, I remember Crowley saying that he smoked pure perique in Confessions. But don't forget that he was often pulling people's legs. I remember him convincing one of his disciples that absinthe was a harmless soft drink, and he could drink as much as he wanted without fear.
  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited September 2016 PM
    PS Bayou Night has more than Haddos Delight. I remember asking Craig once. Great in a small pipe, but even then, I often let it go out towards the end.
  • So far I have only been ordering from 4noggins because they accept PayPal and that just makes my life easier lol. Unfortunately they only have Bayou Morning, which is delicious but I will take Old Joe ever it every time as it's becoming my everyday smoke rather quickly.

    As for Crowley being a bit of a joker, that's true, but it still seems plausible from what I have read and there was a review on some death metal sight from someone who tried it that way and really enjoyed it.
  • Well, let us know how it goes.
  • Bayou Morning isn't bad, but it's completely different from Night, which is an order of magnitude more intense.
  • I smoke staight perique on occasion, its not that bad I've smoked stronger.  Its rather monotone so I prefer it in a cob.
  • Iya the reputation for high N is a bit exaggerated. It's an intense FLAVOUR, though, regardless of strength. I never tried pure, I think BN is probably better than pure, because of the monotony factor that nails mentions.

    I think if you're going to imitate the Beast, you should smoke your pipe on the high slopes of the Kanchenjunga in a tent in bad weather with a bunch of cabin crazy companions, just for aauthenticity's sake.
  • I just tried it in a godiva cob minus the rum. It was fresh out of the bag and incredibly moist. But I attempted anyway. It was the mclelland bulk and was actually pretty good. After a Charring light and three relights I sat it to dry and had a bowl of krantz. After that I tried the perique again and it was dry enough to smoke, though just barely. All in all it was very....bland. not bad , mind you, just not very exciting. Not spicy at all and rather monotone but I look forward to trying it after some proper drying and a rum topping.
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