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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Players Navy Cut WWII Packs

I found these at IMA, a dealer in military antiques. World War 2 era English cigarettes still in the pack, unopened. I thought it to be interesting, historically.


  • WOW Nice find, intact too. Imagine if they were still fresh found in Alaska frozen in a block of ice, ive given up smoking although I would have one of those :P
  • Hey I think that IMA company selling the cigarettes is the same as the one from the TV show Family Guns. So cool!
  • It's the same. I bought one of their Snider rifles. It cleaned up well and is a nice shooter.
  • Nice nice, yeah unfortunately we cant even buy replicas here in Australia it comes with the same penalty as a real firearm. Bit silly I was thinking about buying one of the ww1 trench knifes, although I'm not sure how it would go with our customs. I would give anything for a period Luger, ahhh one day, one day
  • There are Australians with those rifles. In fact, an Aussie on YouTube has some vids of him hunting with his. There is even a company in Australia that makes a great bullet mold for the Snider. The Sniders were made 1860s-1870s. In the US they are not even considered firearms by the federal government. But you might check. IMA ships worldwide and sells these as non functional antiques. They were found in a palace in Katmandu. They also have a lot of Martini Henry rifles like in the olf Zulu movie with Michael Caine.

    Mine came covered in 150 years of yak fat preservative. No rust but a lot of cleaning to make it look nice. As nice as the bore was, I took my chances. It shoots very well to about 100 yards.

    There is a Canadian chap who goes by britishmuzzleloaders on YouTube. He wears period gear and fires off the old weapons of the empire.
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