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  • RattusRattus Member
    edited September 2016 PM
       Hello there,
       New to snuff and hailing from Asheville, NC USA.
    I don't know what's going on but I've type something out 4 times, copied and pasted and it cuts it off at posting. ugh

  • RattusRattus Member
    edited September 2016 PM

  • @Rattus Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately the Comment box can be a bit temperamental particularly with certain punctuation marks, foreign letters, etc. I know it is easier to cut and paste but at the moment it may be better to simply type directly into the box. Also if you are using some type of word processing program rather than a simple text editor then the problem may well be caused by embedded but hidden formatting info.

    And a belated welcome also to
  • RattusRattus Member
    edited September 2016 PM
    @chris Thank you for the welcome.  
    It appears that I can only type 2 -3 lines and the rest gets cut off.   I had a nice intro that I tried to retype a few times and then copy and paste it in...they failed as you can see.  Oh well.  
  • @Rattus If you prefer to type in an external program first, you can past without formatting through the second to last icon on the comment box toolbar.  It the clipboard with the "T" icon.
  • RattusRattus Member
    edited September 2016 PM
    @SHbickel  I typed in the box here several times and tried to do a copy and paste of it back into the box.  I did not try the "Paste as Text" icon button.   I'll keep plugging away.  Maybe it didn't like the accent over the e in rape,  I don't know...moving on. 

    Anyways, let's see if this gets cut off.  I mentioned above, I'm new to snuff and only stumbled on to it while looking up indigenous ones. This then expanded snuff on a global scale with some old time romance.  Eventually I was led here.  I'm looking forward in trying out more varieties from around the world both, tobacco and herbal.   My local sources are very weak. I've only found a few at a local store. So far I have sampled three;  Square from Swisher (meh, a bit harsh with the greatest sting of all 3), Two from American Snuff Co.: Tube Rose Scotch and Dental Sweet.  Out of the three so far, the Tube Rose does the job but, so much is missing.  I want more! hahahaha I'm finding myself not only looking over the web but also how to maybe add to the lesser I have now.  We shall see. 

  • I'm jack! New to snuff. Been using snus for a little bit to help me quit smoking (just put them away about a week ago) but I can't smoke my pipe in the apartment so I wanted something I could use to let me enjoy tobacco in a more active way. Recently picked up the only snuff I could find locally and am waiting on shipments I thought sounded interesting
  • Hello there. I am Jorge and I am kind of new to snuff. Originally I am from Spain, but I have been living in England for 12 years now. I have been a pipe smoker for many years but recently I've become more and more interested in snuff. So far my favourite snuff is Toque Quit, but I am always on the lookout for new things in case I might come across something that I might like. I am not so much for scented snuff, but I like Spanish Gem and a few others. As I live in the UK, I am glad we don't pay for any tobacco duty, so I benefit from lower prices by buying more tins than I would have bought otherwise. Thanks for aproving my subscription.
  • Welcome jack and jorge.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Im Rogue :). Been snuffing for a few years, still new to snuff :)

  • @rattus I live in Fairview!
  • Hello all,

    After lurking for a few weeks I have decided to sign up and introduce myself. I was a smoker for 14 years before I turned to vaping as a way to quit. This worked very well (1 year 9 months cig free) but I missed the tobacco element. Having a look round for smokeless tobacco, I found snuff and chewing tobacco and have been quite interested in the subject ever since.

    My fave snuff (so far) is WoS Peppermint which I currently use daily.

    Looking forward to chatting to you all.

  • Hi, Benner. Glad to see another member.

    I tried vaping, too. It didn't work for me, either.

    I recommend giving WoS Extra Crumbs of Comfort a try. It's like a spearmint.
  • Thanks for the recommendation!
  • Hello all! I am Ed from Huntsville,Alabama. I got into snuff about one year ago and have been reading the posts on this site. Very informative posts that have been quite helpful. I have placed a few orders with Mr. Snuff and have found I like most everything that I have tried, but the English toasts are my favorite.

    I also enjoy snus on a regular basis as well as the pipe.

    I look forward to participating more in the Suffhouse forum. Thanks to all who bring such helpful information.
  • Glad to see you are on the forum, phil22.
  • edited October 2016 PM

    I've been reborn.

    or rather...........I'm still alive.


    I NEED TO MOVE 12 ROLLS OF GENERAL PORTIONS. WILL SELL FOR $35 FOR 10 TINS INCLUDING SHIPPING, USA ONLY.  No problem shipping to Canada but I'll have to include an additional shipping cost.

  • I have been elsewhere and wish to offer a big welcome to everyone who joined and introduced themselves in the past month. @Simcatty, I'm a transplant to KY.
  • While I may have introduced myself some time ago, I will once again take the opportunity to do so.
    I am Lee, a Summerlin Nevada resident, retired, with a definite penchant for powdered tobacco. I prefer snuffs with high nicotine levels, although I am not averse to medicated or fruity sniffs.
    I look forward to learning from, and participaring in this merry group.
  • Welcome DLT. I have some white elephant in at the moment :D. A high octane snuff.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Hey, all. I've been a member since the .org days, but it's been so long since I've logged on here that I thought I'd just reintroduce myself. My name is Chris. I'm from North Central Illinois. I'm a fan of, user of, and collector of tobacco. I use snus, pipes, cigars, and of course snuff B-)
    I also have a tobacco review channel called Inna Pinch. Scrolling through the discussions I'm happy to see there are TONS of new people, which is really exciting because I remember moving around from server to server, wondering if Snuffhouse would ever be the community it once was. Looks like it most certainly is!
  • Good to see you back on Snuffhouse Hitsuzen!
  • Welcome back, Chris
  • Welcome back @Hitsuzen!!
  • Welcome all new members. Returning members and long time lurkers [you know who you are]
    I am still alive for those whom missed me.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hello everybody,new member here!I've been lurking-reading for a while...still learning...
    I'm a pipe smoker and a new snuff taker(about 5 months)!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    welcome, Bob!

  • @tobaccobob, welcome
  • Thank you my friends!
    Please excuse my english...not my native language...
  • your English seems better than most Americans so far...

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