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Jaxons New Flavours

Just spotted a couple of new snuffs on Jaxon's site, Dukes Brown and Queens Special. DB is listed as an SP type with strong traditional tobacco taste, and QS is listed as cherry and vanilla. Both are listed as fine, but not entirely sure if that refers to the grind or quality.

Anyone tried these yet?


  • 36 views and no replies, I assume I'm the first to have seen them......?
  • Maybe. I've never had any of Jaxons snuff before.
  • Ah, good point! For those who don't know, it's at
  • A tin of each of these new ones arrived in the post yesterday;  Duke's Brown is basically akin to WoS Best Dark.  None the worse for that, I have to say.  Queen's Special is described on the website as having a cherry and vanilla scent.  if those two combine to give a "Parma Violet" scent then that's what you've got - an SP with a violet scent like you'd get from sweets.  I like them both.  Incidentally, on and off the subject, with the new EU regs about names of tobacco products, although on the website, Jaxon's apricot, cherry and raspberry menthol are still advertised with those titles, I've seen them on other site now called "apri cool" "ripple cool" etc.
  • I had the Queens Special, it was very nice, and I usually don't like sweet snuffs.  The box arrived broken so I gave it away, but I would defiantly try it again.

    Did a quick google search and I don't see that Jaxon's has a site, do you have it off hand ?
  • @yisraeldov The site for Jaxons is
  • The queen's sounds nice. I'll have to order a few tins.
  • Got mine the other day. Duke's Brown seems like Viking Dark, or something close. Really good. The Queens...hmm, it reminds of something else, but I can't put my finger on it. Real nice cherry and vanilla, fluffy, slightly moist. Seems like it's a Sam Gawith product. Anyone have thoughts about this? I like all the Jaxon's I've tried so far. The Extra Strong is a dark, slightly coarse menthol with a rather strange additional scent. What is it? It's growing on me...
  • @mrmanos The Queens..... Celtic Talisman?

    ... and are you sure the Duke's is V.Dark not V.Brown?
  • @50ft_trad..Yeah, Celtic Talisman seems like Queens! And Duke's Brown is likely V Brown. Whatever they are, they're pretty good. I also got one called High Drive, thats flavored, according to the shopkeeper, like Red Bull energy drink. I've never tried the drink, but the snuff is quite nice. Fluffy, almost reddish-brown in color, slightly moist. They've had that one for a while, but I had only tried a dried out tap box of it. The sealed tin is much nicer.
  • @mrmanos how is the nicotine hit on the High Drive ? I think I will have to try that one on my next order. Problem is that I can't order more than 70USD at one time or I have to pay extra VAT.
  • What?  Are these confirmed to be made by Sam Gawith?  I love Sam Gawith and their style of coarse, moist, fluffy, dark snuffs.  And what with their now-reduced selection, I'm definitely interested in this if they're contracting with SG.
  • They have several snuffs made by SG. I think the High Drive is the now discontinued Guarana, the Queens Special sounds like Celtic Talisman, and then there's Coffee Cream, Toffee, and several others. If these are all registered and fully compliant, it means another lease of life for some SG snuffs we would otherwise have lost
  • Had a look at the and notice they will ship to the U.S. but not to all the state's. Why do they exclude some of them? Of course my state is on that black list. What BS.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    I believe they ship to states which haven't outlawed distance selling of tobacco (or something to that effect). In other words, blame your state, not Jaxons. They're just avoiding law suits
  • @50_trad never an issue with Toque or Mr.Snuff. Ordered many times from them and Snuff Store also.

  • Then just be extremely grateful that there's someone who'll do whatever's necessary to get you your snuff. You can't blame other companies for wanting to keep their noses clean.
  • is the maker of Jaxons ?  I really like the Queens Special, just got a bit tin of it, great scent and it really lasts, a few hours even.

    The 1969, says SP but it is mentholated, don't know if that is normal for SP's or not.

    The Chocolate Tangerine permeated everything, not a fan of choclate orange so I'm going to give it a pass.

  • @yisrealdov The guy who runs is the same guy who commissioned Jaxons snuffs from Samuel Gawith. He named the Jaxons brand after his dog.
  • I did a review of the Queens Special if anyone is interested.
  • The High Drive is guarana scented. It's good, a real nice medium brown, and kind of fluffy. But it's not any higher in nicotine, nor does it have a guarana-like speediness. It's just a good snuff. I wrote to the company asking what flavor it was, and he answered back and told me it was guarana. He said it was like "Red Bull" energy drink, but I think it is only the flavor, not the actual seed or fruit or whatever it is that gives that drink it flavor. At any rate, you should try it, it's quite nice. I like their Rose, and Queen's Special too. I've never tried the chocolate/tangerine. 
  • @mrmanos. Don't really care for the Chocolate Tangerine, not chocolate and orange in general, I got a large tin as a replacement for another small tin that was out of stock.
  • Hello Guys , yes the new Jaxons is out retail - and wholeasle -

    Samuel Gawith no longer make jaxons snuff , which has allowed me to improve ( in my own opinion  ) the snuff and scents, design and away with the old plastic sliders 

    NOTE: anyone that wants wholesale or can recommend any online shops or high street shops i can get in contact let me know through or through IM on here

  • @mrmanos

    I think I changed my mind regarding the chocolate tangerine

  • A new name to me and in the UK too. Thanks for the heads up. I will have to give them a try.
  • LiamLiam Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    I ordered Jaxons club special (chocolate tangerine) about a month ago to replace wos chocolate orange, its a different take to it...but I must say I am really enjoying it and it has been my all day snuff since, find it perfect for every situation. Smells exactly like mcvities chocolate orange club biscuits lol.
    I will definitely try other jaxons snuffs I was pleasantly surprised by the gr8 quality. I think I will stock up on this and also get the alpine and queens special.
  • Been taking Alpine (Vanilla) and I am equally impressed, its become my new daily driver, been a week and its almost finished. Its second snuff from Jaxons I get and again the quality is really good, this brand is pleasant will have to continue with the other flavors to explore.

    The snuff is rather moist and tends to release a lot of liquid in the nose (forward drip hits pretty fast).
    I personally like that because you blow your nose and your left with the scent and the nicotine and don't have to worry about your nose becoming clogged.
    Flavor is strong and natural, has somewhat of a creaminess about it.
  • @mrmanos

    I think I changed my mind regarding the chocolate tangerine

  • i find the jaxons are kind of underrated
    they come in strong artificial flavoring but its done well in my opinion and does not remind me of child toothpaste even the frosted fruity ones (i love the frosted apri and ripple!)
    english gold and queens special is great too and i like how long the taste/smell lingers with all the jaxons which could be too much for some but if you like fruity or sweet snuffs without too much or any menthol at all give them a try.

    :)>- & ;))
  • today i mixed some "frosted apri" with lots of "english gold" i did not measure but until the peach/apricot smell blended in and was not too pronounced over the creamy/toffee/coconut
    this came out great!
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