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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

New Dr. Rumney's Brown

I just received a tin of this in my latest order, along with the green and blue versions, which were, as I expected, medicated snuffs. But the brown, well has anyone else tried it? It's somewhere between a toast and a natural snuff. What a pleasant surprise! Upon opening the tin, I discovered a darkish brown, fluffy snuff, sort of like an SG texture, slightly moist but not enough to clump up in your fingers. The scent from the tin carried a whiff of WoS #22, but upon snuffing I discovered it has a more complex tobacco profile. It seems as though it may be a mixture of perhaps #22 and Natural. It brings out the best of both types. It's one of the new Dr. R varieties from Wilsons, and Mr Snuff has it in stock. Whatever types they may be discontinuing, they have revived these three Dr Rumney's, and in my opinion, they are very good. I haven't opened the green yet, but the blue is very similar to other Wilson's SM types, and yet has an unexpected fluffiness, and is easy to take huge amounts of without any menthol backlash. I guess I've strayed off my original topic. Well, if anyone has tried the brown, why don't you write your thoughts below.


  • Thanks for the write up on this. I had seen it listed, and was intrigued as to what it might be. Nice to know Sharrow Mills have kept another non-mentholated snuff, as their reduced menu seems very menthol heavy. Presumably this reflects sales trends.
  • Yeah, it's good snuff! Like I said, kind of a cross between their Natural, and IHT#22. It has the buttery scent of a good toast, and the "legs" of a slightly darker, but unscented snuff. I think a lot of people will like it and order it. I know I do. I think however, most snuffers will automatically associate menthol with Dr. R. I wrote a review on Mr.Snuff the other day in hopes that someone will read it. 
  • Well, you convinced me. I've just ordered a small tin direct from Wilsons to try (along with a few other flavours of course). Their new website says they just bought the Dr Rumneys brand off Imperial Tobacco last year, and gives a brief insight into the flavours of all three.
  • You'll like it I bet. It's familiar, yet a new blend. 

  • Convinced me too. Going to put some on the next order.
  • Hopefully mine should be here tomorrow. I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts once I've plunged my face into it :-bd
  • Mr. Snuff needs to update the product description also, Dr. Rumney's Brown is listed as mentholated.
  • The tin arrived this lunchtime, and I've had several pinches of it now.

    Firstly, I must say that I do struggle to take toasts. It's not a technique thing, I just have one of those noses that struggle to catch it. They either fall out of my nose, or hit my throat, or do both in the same pinch with none seeming to hit where it should. I find this snuff slightly easier in that regard. Yes, it has had me coughing, but I also know it's gotten where it should too. This snuff is trickier than an SP but easier than a standard toast (to my rather awkward nose anyway)

    Scent wise I agree with mrmanos. There is a definite buttery biscuity taste there, but there's also a richer presence of untoasted tobacco. If I actually manage to get a plain toast to hit the right spot in my nose, I can find the scent somewhat sickly - but not this one. The scent is balanced very nicely, and the different plain tobaccos play off each other very well.

    I can see people wanting this in bulk.

    @lunecat - you're a toast lover, you need to get some of this up yer snout.

    I'm going to enjoy working my way through this, even if I do cough my way through a lot of it. This is a very pleasant scent that's worth that extra care and faff on delivery, and yes the occasional "overspray" coughing session.

    Oh, and the nicotine is most definitely there too!
  • I have a tin of this arriving tomorrow, but having read the above, I wish I'd bought a bigger tin... Sounds lovely.
  • Beware of last year's batch #309 20A, which might be still in stock at some shops (I got mine from this past July). Not a hint of smokiness and buttery biscuity notes. Moreover, it's way lower in nicotine than before.

    Dr. Rumney's Brown used to be among my favourites for a good while, so I really hope it's just a flawed batch.

    By any chance, has anyone tried this year's batch (#xxx 21A)? I would love to be assured it's back to normal now. Thanks!
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