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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Indian snuffs

I wanting some info on Indian snuffs , such as sixphoto Dholakia, especially sixphoto regarding chemicals etc are these Indian snuffs safe ? Compared to British and German and American snuffs?


  • AamonAamon Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    I am interested in this also, maybe @sixphoto and @Manit_Joshi can shed some light
  • Nasal snuff is basically powdered tobacco ,matured and blended with different fragrances and mints to get the end product. Most of the snuff is made this way the world over, as per my knowledge. Indian snuff is no different in that aspect.  The difference may lie in the source of tobacco and flavours. We at six photo use the best of Indian tobacco leaves ,which are hand picked and aged by experts and blend them with the best of Indian attars and spices to create a unique blend.

    IMO Indian snuffs are as safe to use as their western counter parts .
  • AamonAamon Member
    @sixphoto out of curiosity are your snuff moistened with Water, Paraffin or Ghee? Not sure if its true or not though I've heard some manufacturers still use Ghee or some version of it.
  • Use of ghee is very common in the Madras snuff industry . Ghee was used extensively in our snuff industry here in Punjab too but over the years it has been slowly replaced by paraffin oil
    We though still have it in some our formulations
  • AamonAamon Member
    @sixphoto would these snuffs still containing ghee have a likely hood of spoiling or are measures taken to prevent this? I only ask due to having some sixphoto snuffs in my collection over a year old. 
  • Paraffin oil is added to snuff for this very measure, to prevent snuff from turning dry and coarse.
    Our snuff generally does not dry out soon ,It is best to consume within a year though
  • What are people thinking? The big english use artificial flavoring all the time.  And I would doubt that any tobacco used to make snuff is 100% chemical free. Most farmers use chemicals for bugs and disease control.  Even if they didn't,  tobacco is very sticky and will pick up any pollution that is air born   
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Ghee is a very stable fat. It hardly ever goes rancid, even in a large jar. You can keep it for months without even storing it in the fridge.
  • I would be very interested in trying some of six photo's and other Indian producers snuff.  Totally with you on Ghee or clarified butter. I cook a lot of Indian food and tins of ghee as said will sit in the larder for months without going off.
  • PikeyPikey Member
    @sixphoto Here's something I m dying to know . Were the 'traditional' sixphotos blended with Ayurvedic principles in mind ? Or were your forefathers looking for a perfect scent ? :) 

    @matteob , Sixphoto is excellent snuff in my opinion . I also think it's a high quality tobacco product. 

    He does 'traditional' Indian scents , some more modern 'Western' style recipes and snuffs like the 'medicated 6s' which seem kinda a hybrid fusion of Indian and 'English' styles my nose anyway :D

    Now 41 Photo and Dholakia do some top quality gear as well but not quite my cup of tea . In general you can buy with confidence .

  • @matteob This is an excellent sampler they  also have it at .120 Grams  I'm  sure you find some favorites
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @Pikey. First of all many thanks for your kind words about our products, much appreciated.
    According to the folklore snuff was introduced in the market in the early 20th century according to some divine formula given by his holiness Baba Shri Gangaram ji to his favourite disciple Late Sh.Khetu Ram ji Grover. He introduced 5 photo snuff made under this secret receipe .
    My forefathers, his descendants , learned the trade under his guidance and went on to form their own brand sixphoto.
    We still follow that receipe till date to make the traditional Indian snuffs.
    To come to your question on following the Ayurvedic principles in snuff making , I'm not sure if a tobacco product can be classified as such, but surely the receipe do contain extracts and essences of many Indian herbs .& spices and attars of gulab.& many other flowers
    Snuff was initially conceived as a remedy for cold and sinus problems & was frequently prescribed by hakims ( Ayurveda doctors) as such .
  • PikeyPikey Member
    Fascinating stuff Vikas . :) Does the 5 Photo recipe remain in the family , or does it live on with the devotees of the esteemed Baba Shri Gangaram Ji ? Is snuff ever used in 'puja'(prayer or ritual offering ) to honour him ? 

    I know we don't do anything religious on Snuffhouse but for anyone interested,  the admirers and followers of Baba Shri Gangaram Ji are not shy  and the temple in Gidderbaha is on Facebook . :) 

  • To the OP, you'd be doing yourself a disservice to skip on the 6Photo sampler pack.  They are really a treat and it is a ton of snuff for a very reasonable cost.
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