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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Spanish Gem - Ambrosia 10g tins



  • Thanks @nicmizer for a taste. disappeared rather quick considering all the other snuffs I consume  . Would recommend, very easy to use. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • IcepickIcepick Member
    edited March 2017 PM
    Congrats @Roderick on another great snuff

    And to anybody who's considering a purchase, this stuff is the truth!

    Just be careful; I snarfed down 8 grams of it today in addition to my usuals, so it can disappear fast.

    edit: 8 grams and 2 hankies
    edit: Sry for ghosting your post Shaman. I replied from the previous page.
  • Would love to try this but can't get ahold of any. :(
    Ross Arlen Tieken, Tobacconist
    The Briar Shoppe, Houston, TX
  • Ross, If it's for personal consumption we can send to your home address. 

    If it's for business Philips and King are our distributors but only Silver Dollar. ToqueUSA can be shipped directly to US businesses. 
  • After spending some time with Ambrosia, I have to admit I love Spanish Gem equally as much. I can't take Ambrosia all day like I can SG because it's very rich. It's like a dessert snuff to me. It's very good though - definitely a 10/10. I didn't thing SG could get any better!
  • Good vid (as always) :-bd

    I do like Ambrosia, but I prefer the original Spanish Gem too, which is quite surprising as I do like a coarser grind snuff. I personally think the scent carries better on the standard grind, and then there's the issue of the backdrip. I believe the backdrip change is due to the added rustica, which can (in my opinion) ruin a snuff. Some of the SWS snuffs had a lovely scent but the backdrip was totally prohibitive (for me), and I got rid of all my SWS snuffs. It doesn't get prohibitive for me on the Ambrosia, which is good as I bought 100g of it :P but it does stop it being an all day snuff.

  • @50ft_trad, thanks.

    I do find that I'm taking it more often now. I didn't remember that it had rustica in it, seems like a strange base for such a sweet snuff. I try not to read the descriptions before making the videos, so I probably seem even less knowledgable. 
  • I've noticed :P :)) (j/k)

    It came about when one of our members here requested a custom run of Spanish Gem with rustica (for a higher nic kick) and a coarser grind. I believe the scent is brandy, but I do get something else from it. Possible cherry brandy :-? Who knows? Well, Roderick, obviously :D

    Thankfully, Roderick doesn't over use the rustica when he blends, so the drip never gets too harsh, but I do find it noticeable over the standard SG. I certainly don't regret buying 100g, but as I said before, it's not an all day snuff for me. I wouldn't dream of filling up my daily snuffbox with it, but it's a lovely snuff for enjoying a few healthy sized pinches on while settled down in the armchair of an evening. :)
  • i have never had a snuff that disappears quicker. i have no idea where it all goes! :) 
    really though, i can take huge pinches often. i love it. i hope they start offering it in bulk
  • Peacock, send Roderick an email. He may still have enough to do that for you ;)
  • @pecock  If you want to order enough he can do a run for you. Also he can make custom snuffs, but I have never ordered any. 
  • thanks @50ft_trad and @yisraeldov ive got almost 80g left from ordering the 10g tins which i didnt mind because i use the toque tins for pretty much all of my snuffs that are not stored away. as i count right now ive got 11 filled with various  snuffs. what ive got right now will last for a while but i will be hitting him up soon. i like it enough i might order it as a bespoke snuff but i wouldnt change a thing!
  • Guys this is for you. Ambrosia has now made it to the regular range. As of the first of September this will now be part of our regular range. It is only the second bespoke to make it so far. The first was Cheese and Bacon.

    Yisraeldov, I hope you find this funny. I know for a fact a Rabbi in Israel ordered a 10g tin when he found out we don't use bacon in the making of Cheese and Bacon. It is just the smoky flavour of toast that gives it that smoky bacon flavour. I have to say that I take my hat of to him for being such a joker. I'm not sure I would risk such a thing. 
  • Great to hear there's now another coarse grind on the Toque menu, particularly this one. Thank you for being prepared to take chances Roderick, particularly at a time when so many are reigning in their creativity. Have you made further inroads into looking at recreating ones that were recently lost? I know you were asking for suggestions from the forum earlier in the year, and was inundated with suggestions.
  • @Roderick Almost every one in Israel considered them selves a "Rabbi" so don't put too much stock in it.
  • This is quite a nice snuff but it is not my favourite in the Toque range. I have not tried the regular Spanish Gem but this one is a little too moist. It clogs me a bit and doesn't give the burn I like. I don't get much nic from it either which is surprizing considering it is supposed to have Rustica in it. I guess I will have to try the regular.
  • @matteob You need to try Spanish Gem.
  • @Roderick what does the new tin look like? Same as the usual line up?
  • Same labels as normal Toque with the Yellow background.
  • @Afterglow I will but I am not a big fan of the sweet biscuit scent: a little sickly for me.
  • @matteob .. I'm with you. Not enough burn for me either. I get more from the regular Spanish Gem.
  • Interesting how our noses differ, Spanish Gem regular doesn't  send me but i love the Ambrosia
  • I don't really detect any sweetness in Spanish Gem compared to straight up sweet snuffs. I can't really pick apart the flavor at all; it's kind of mysterious but very good. One of my all time favs.
  • i like them both but i like ambrosia more. its spanish gem with a few layers top of it and an extra kick of nicotine. i also think spanish gem is kind of sweet but not sugar sweet. its the same way with scotches from the U.S. i cant tell where that sweet scent comes from. maybe someone could enlighten me
  • I finally received my 10g tin of this yesterday (took a month to get to me here in Canada) and can see it becoming an all time favourite along with the USA Whiskey and Honey. As soon as the bags are available for sale on the site I'll be stocking up on it.
  • Toque Ambrosia (first tinned batch):
    Grind: Demigross
    Colour: Rich earthy brown with few lighter coloured specks
    Smell: Freshly opened tin (few hours after delivery): very faint smell of old socks mixed with traces of ammonia with light alcoholic tipple followed with something undentificable sharp medicinal smell.
    Same batch tin after 6 months in storage: Sweetish smell reminding me good quality Pedro Ximenes Sherry followed with unidenficable sweet smell (something like oatmeal bisquits and cup of hot cocoa with dash of brandy).
    Nose: Freshly opened tin (few hours after delivery): raw, sharp, spicy, but lightly unpleasant definately not instant favourite. After a while it got sweetish sense.
    Same batch tin after 6 months in storage: Sweetish-spicy smell which lingers for a quite long time. Its burst into buttery sweet smell sensation with light alcoholic tipple.
    Closing notes: Fresh out of mill tin: not bad at all but not great at all.
    Lightly aged tin: Definately improved with age all flavours are very well settled with base tobaccos.
    Verdict: Fresh tin: 75%
    Lightly aged tin: 92%. Highly recomend to buy, but leave it in storage for a while.
  • @JackGrave my new tin smelled nothing like what you are discribing here. Are you sure you didn't mix up the tins ? 
  • Maybe I should have stuck with this? i ended up tossing it as it was too sickly sweet for me and gave me a clogging feeling in the nose. The only Toque snuff I really did not like out of those I tried: your mileage may vary though...
  • @matteob yeah it is sticky sweet, and clogs, but I think that is what people wanted. 
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