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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Discovering pipe smoking all over again

Hello guys. The other day I picked up a pipe and a bag of tobacco to get back into the hobby after about a 5 year break. I've still been snusing/snuffing the whole time though, don't worry :D  I remember having to break in the pipe, I have been smoking 1 bowl a day. I think it has been 3 days and it's already starting to taste better, but in your experience how many smokes to really break in a pipe? Right now I have Sail Regular Dutch Cavendish, and once I have the money I will be ordering a bunch of Frog Morton. Any other suggestions? I like strong tastes that linger, no aromatics lol. It's bringing back some memories, I'm having a lot of fun.


  • Some people will say about 10 years :D but putting your first 50g through a pipe normally sorts it out in my experience.
  • If you like strong tastes that linger you should try C&D Bow-Legged Bear
  • My experience from breaking in lots of pipes; good ones take virtually no time at all, bad ones never really break in. There's no way of telling in advance which it's gonna be.

    I could recommend tons of tobacco, but all tastes are different. I strongly suggest you try at least one pouch of Carter Hall. It's cheap, and if you like it, it's a great gateway drug into more upscale burleys.
  • Gawiths Best Brown is my all time favourite. Try it. :)
  • All roads lead to Virginia . I suggest you delicate a pipe for each type of tobacco , You like latakia , English and Balkans with fit that category, Burley taste best in cobs. You can smoke about anything in a clay and not worry about ghosting it. Meerschaum you can pick up on the tobacco taste better.  The only thing wrong with aromatics is you smoked cheap ones. 

     Strong taste, Try Samuel Gawith Black XX Or Brown #4 twists, Gawith Hoggarts Dark Plug or Dark Flake. You may have to sit down or they will knock you on your ass. 

    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Thank you everyone for the replies :)
  • CaudimordaxCaudimordax Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    The only thing I miss about smoking are my pipes but I used to inhale occasionally so I'm scared of being lured back on cigarettes. Any ex cigarette smokers who smoke a pipe got any tips? Until I can trust myself I'm sticking to snuff. I smoked roll ups for thirty years and have been smoke free for two and a half.
  • Try to smoke Gawith Hoggarth's Dark Plug or Dark Flake or the Brown Twists.
    Also Samuel Gawith's 1792 Flake...if you can inhale these beasts you need doctor's help!

  • @Caudimordax - I used to be a smoker, and recently discovered pipes, thanks to the best knowledge here from some veterans. I have the tendency to inhale, and hence, I limit my pipe smoking to one bowl a day, or one bowl every alternate day. I use snuff a lot and that keeps the nicotine levels in control to not want to smoke more than that. Hope this helps. 
  • No real need to inhale at all if you follow the suggestions from @tobaccobob
  • Thanks for the advice to all, luckily I have a local shop that stocks Gawith Hogarth loose tobacco.
  • After abstaining from cigarettes for over 3 years I've got back into pipe smoking. Mainly Gawith Hoggarth loose but I have a tin of Cabbies Mixture to try this weekend (not opened yet).
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