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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

The Bernard online shop

willynelsonwillynelson Member
edited October 2017 in General
Hi everyone,

In a recent email to a Snuffhouse member Mr. Snuff indicated that they will no longer sell the Bernard line of snuffs. This is terrible news for us schmalzler lovers. Mr. Snuff did not indicate the reason for this discontinuation, but we can hope that Bernard, with its nearly 300 year history of snuff making, is not being shut down. Their website does not indicate anything along those lines; the most recent post under the News tab announces changes to labeling and a few snuff names. Their online store still appears to be active, but can only be viewed in German. Have any Snuffhouse members, especially in the USA, ever been able to order from their online store? I attempted to put in an order but I could not get very far due to the language barrier. I also cannot determine their shipping policy. Could any German speakers among us provide some insight?

Best regards from the Sonoran Desert,


  • Figured out that you need to order over $40.63. Copy and paste into a translation app
  • Why not try to contact them? There is contact information on the main page, and it would be hard to believe no one there speaks English.
  • G'Day as it looks (and by my rusty german knowledge) that Bernard is willing to sell within Germany only. Jack
  • That kinda sucks !
  • Can you still order from Has anybody here used them? They have Bernard listed and appear to sell outside of Germany.
  • No,they don't sell outside of Germany.
    When you place an order and try to calculate the shipping cost,you will see...
  • That sucks big time. I contacted Mr. Snuff and they told me they have discontinued Bernards Alcohol Frei. I've only had two tap boxes. But this was a real good one I want to see again.
  • I really hope that Bernard is not shutting down. One of the best, if not the best, snuff manufacturers in the world. I have not had a chance to try the Alcohol Frei. If anyone is willing to part with some I have a fat sample of Toque custom double flavored Ambrosia for you...
  • Schmalzlers are literally my favourite. For me, Toque and WoS are nothing compared to Bernard.
    I thought buying 30g of Fichtennadel was excessive, but in retrospect that was a darn good decision.
    Hopefully other ways of getting Bernard's could be discovered soon.
  • I think the USA is moving into a gray market period for certain snuffs. There is low demand for snuff here and the barriers to entry into the market get higher all the time. Toque has worked out American distribution with Silver Dollar and Toque USA, but as Roderick has pointed out, he is unusually ambitious. The only solution I see for the time being is to have a friend in Germany get the snuff and mail it to me--gray market.
  • German site that ships Dahl to USA.
  • Thanks @rs422! Did you mean DHL? Also, have you successfully ordered from this site? I am presently attempting to register, navigating the site in German and copying and pasting to Google translate.
  • Yes Doh. I have the phone translate. I have not ordered from them, but saw them recommended on Facebook @ willynelson
  • If you take a look at the shipping info,they say they don't send tobacco products outside Germany... :-S
  • Hi, so sad. I've managed to give up almost all nicotine products with snuff... And it seems everyday the pool of available snuff types and flavours is shrinking... There must be a German member on here that would ship?
  • I have a good friend that his dad is from Germany. His dad was going to go visit family. I gave him a Bernard tap box to see if he could bring me some back. The tobacco store told him they only sell Bernard in another part of Germany than where he was. So he brought me 300 grams of Poschl schmalzler A back to the US. At least he brought me some schmalzler
  • peacockpeacock Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    @willynelson where in the Sonoran desert are you? im in the phoenix area
  • Hey @peacock, I am down in Tucson.
  • @peacock Also, there are a handful of members here from Arizona. I believe that @psicko is from up in your neck of the woods.
  • @Willie Nelson, just a few hours north. About the same distance you are from him, just in the other direction.
  • i know of one other person in az and hes in wickenburg (about 45 min north east of phoenix.) 
    if any of you are going to be in my area, id love to trade some snuff samples!

  • I'm in the Lake Montezuma, AZ  area ... 1 hour south of Flagstaff.  :)>-

  • I've been turning over rocks for a couple months as well searching for a way to get some Bernard snuff to the US. The store in Poland that ships to the US I was referred to by Toni at Bernard did not respond to me unfortunately. 

    If I find anything worthwhile I will post. 

    In the meantime if anyone has any suggestions for a good stand-in Schmalzler that is accessible I'd love to hear it. Normally I use Fresco, Feinst, altbayerischer schmalzler, and the doppel - fermented kind in the yellow tap box. I will typically sprinkle a little bit of bernard Steife Prise on top of a little pile and freshen up my day. 
  • Anybody know for certain what countries Bernard will factory ship to? Rosinski seems to be getting some to the shores of America.
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    @Snapcrackler Mr. Snuff carries the Poschl schmalzlers, which are presently in stock. As @nicmizer indicates, Rosinski will ship to the US, and they also make a schmalzler, Oderlander. The Polish shop to which Toni at Bernard referred me responded initially but then got cold feet once I sent them my order. I have not found a way to get Bernard sent to me. If my cravings become unbearable then I will hit up a friend in Germany. In the meantime I can only hope that Mr. Snuff works out a way to continue stocking Bernard.
  • Oh, I forgot, snuffhouse is not fond of umlauts and swallows all texts containing any of them...

    So, it is actually two schmalzlers that we offer, Frankfurter and Oderlander with two dots above the a :-) Two more schmalzlers are in the making. 

    The problem with selling snuffs through MrSnuff is that they would require a guarantee that they are legally allowed to sell our products in all the EU member states, which is impossible to give. TDP2 is just a directive, which means that every member state makes a tobacco product law of its own, just following the guidelines of the directive, but implementing ideas of their own. For a snuffmaker, that would mean to study all 28 laws in their national language, and to constantly monitor for all possible changes of any of these national laws.

    As far as I know, Brussel

  • As far as I know, Brussels plans for world domination have not yet foreseen a US membership to the EU :-) so we still ship across the pond.

    That was the last intended sentence of the comment above.
    Man, being German it is so hard not to automatically type in umlauts, and to find another way of saying it without them. :-)
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