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6 Photo medicated concerns

I've recently received my much anticipated order and I threw in some 6 Photo Medicated 8g mini tins just for fun. I got the 6,66, and 666. Maybe I overdid it trying almost everything I bought but I think the 6 Photo Medicated ones really messed me up. I got a wicked headache, sinus pressure, and my nose hasn't been this clogged in a while. I'm *fairly* sure it was those three that did it because I like my medicated snuffs and I kept going to those three tins the most until I felt bad and stopped to sort things out.

Is this a normal thing? Maybe because it's Indian, it has something in it that I maybe wasn't used to, such as some sort of herb or flower or something, or maybe it was too old or too fresh? I don't know. I mean they're small tins so I'm not really concerned that I wasted money, I just want to know why it happened. I absolutely loved Super Kailash and Cheeta and will order Kailash and motia as well, in fact I'm using Super Kailash right now. I need to know this if I should be getting emotionally invested in Indian medicated snuffs.


  • I haven't had any issues with the Indian medicated and I love the 6 photo 666. It could definitely be something in it that caused that issue. The only way to be sure is to try it when your nose is fresh without any snuff for awhile and see if you get the same reaction. It could also be a reaction with different snuffs at the same time. That happened to me once. Best way is to systematically try them to figure out what was causing it.
  • DrOctagonDrOctagon Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    That's definitely a possibility. I thoroughly took care of my nose and gave them another try; right now I narrowed it down to the 6, because 66 and 666 seem to punch through nicely.
  • menthol does that to me. Let me rephrase that, strong menthol does that to me. It's called the rebound effect. In fact if I have too much medicated snuff my nose will just close up for a little while. Where as I can snuff non menthol (including camphor or eucalyptus) all day. A few florals also do this to me. Other snuffs I can snuff all day without that effect. Oddly grind makes a difference too. If it's coarse and menthol game over man. Fine and menthol seems to only clog me up part way. 
  • Finally, @bob! This is what I've been trying to find out. While these Indian medicated snuffs are a fairly fine grind, they are of a certain moisture and are prone to clumping. I've been hitting super kailash and the 66/666 all day and i've had to clean my nose out twice, after the last time I cleaned it I've mostly been using Cheeta and WoS snuffs and I'm as clear as I was when I woke up.

    So how do I enjoy these snuffs properly? How does one enjoy a medicated snuff, because treating them as a normal, all day snuff does absolutely nothing productive. I never had a problem using McChrystal's O&G constantly, and I think I must've cleared 3 tins since I started a month or so ago
  • I don't use medicated snuffs. That's my solution. 
  • Wait I figured it out. You have to use them sparingly. That's the keyword. For some reason I can use WoS SM500 all day but they don't really punch through like 6 photo
  • Just got 6P Medicated No. 666.  It's quite complex which is nice because I went in expecting to taste some odd herbs or spices, but it's not like that.  Initially it's a blast of menthol and something else.  I want to say camphor but it could be something else which works in a similar way

    I find I can use a lot of this without rebound effects and it actually does clear my nasal passages.  After the menthol/medicated blast there's an herbal root-like flavor which is quite rich and sticks around becoming stimulating and pleasant.  I want to say the nicotine content is average but I think it's slightly above that

    Level of ease snuffing this is about medium due to sandalwood oil, which probably makes it easier to get into and stick to the insides of your nose.  No forward or backward drip, but that's me
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