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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Three Musketeers and Butterfly snuff?

I recently got some Three Musketeers Portos and Butterfly Monarch snuff. It seems they're made in Poland, but does anyone know who makes them? The tap boxes are like the ones used by Bernard and Samuel Gawith.


  • TobeTobe Member
    This Butterfly Monarch snuff... Could you give a review of it?
  • JernejJernej Member
    I'll do it in a week or two.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Has anyone else tried Three Musketeers snuff? I'm really digging this one, got a tap box from Poland recently.
    Apparently it's UK made (UK barcode on the sticker) and re-branded for Poland market. Importer: CiT Cygara i Tyton, . Unfortunately, this online shop can not sell snuff online.

    So, fellows, I need your help identifying the original. It's dry, fine, not fluffly, medium brown in colour, wild rose scented (as described at snuff. It gives a fairly sharp, clove-like peppery/warming burn and is quite satisfying nicotine-wise; some snuffers describe it as chocolate scented. I smell citrusy clove there, whereas my wife confirmed the scent is akin to that of the rose water.

    I haven't tried the discontinued GH English Rose neither WoS Rose/Rows of Sharrow, so I cannot make a comparison.
  • FilekFilek Member
    The Three Musketeers and Butterfly snuffs are made by Wilsons of Sharrow. As I remember talking way back with CiT when those snuffs were introduced into the market, they ordered WoS to make new snuffs for them - not rebrand the ones they already had.

    Although some of the CiT snuff were later on branded as WoS snuffs. It's best seen with Butterfly Orange which was a couple of months later seen as WoS Sunset.

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Thank you for comprehensive reply, @Filek! And for a short, but so relevant Polish lesson in another thread.
  • FilekFilek Member
    Well if I were from Wilsons, I would certainly rebrand my snuffs. It would be rather strange for them to make another menthol snuff (Aramis - S.M.?) or a floral one (Atos - Jockey Club?), while they already have a few of those. Portos is rather a tricky one - it's nether Rose or Rosemary and it doesn't have a complex aroma to be any of the F&T snuffs.
    You're welcome for the lesson. Just remember to put the correct grammatical case and you'll be all right.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    I've just tried WoS Rose snuff (Rows of Sharrow) and have a good news for all Three Musketeers Portos fans - it's the same snuff! At least to my nose.
  • When ever I hear of The Three Musketeers these days I always think of a line by Angelica in The Rug Rats.

                                      "Non for all, and all for me."

    I think I am entering my second childhood.

  • I've come around to enjoying Rows (rose) of Sharrow (WoS). I enjoy the aroma when taken in Big pinches. Has a nice nose feel too. Standard WoS SP grind. Sat on it for a few months and now almost finished the tin in the last week
  • there is really something about rose and tobacco that goes together better then makes sense. I think one of my favorite things about the rows of Sharrow is the finish. It's very cigar like when the rose wears off.
  • Exactly!and that's why the SWS Roslein is one of the best snuffs in the market today!

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