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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Fields of Juniper does not smell like any reviews

I recently opened one of my 2 tins of FOJ I received from MrSnuff. It smells earthy, musky but nothing like Juniper. No hint of Juniper or any peppery berry of any type. It smells more like mushrooms.

Others get this smell?


  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I was surprised to find the scent of juniper berries completely lacking- and it's a very distinct scent. Maybe the stock was old? I remember Mr. Snuff having some specials on it (wasn't it one of the free snuffs at one point)?
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    My experience with FoJ has been a good one. To me it had a good scent of junipers with a slight peppery scent. It wasn't really strong though but it was super satisfying.

    Did you get it from MrSnuff when it was on sale for like 5 something? Wonder how long it sat around. I use to grow mushrooms and I didn't get any mushroom smell besides this sharp spice smell that I like. At least MrSnuff had it on sale, I got Moro Moro and Friar Ramon Pane and thier scent was exactly the same and were dry. They had only a faint tobacco smell. I still used them up but I would of liked to experience what others stated in their reviews, they sounded like top notch snuffs. My St James Parish was very good on its scent, I'm terrible at describing scents but it reminded me of some kind of gourmet cheese it and was super satisfying, worth every penny. I can't say the same for Moro Moro or Friar Ramon Pane cuz it was so dry and both smelled the same like a plain tobacco but I will re order them 2 again to experience them properly, when I think MrSnuff has fresh stock.

    The Sir Walter Scott's snuffs are excellent and a few are my top favorite snuffs, especially FoJ. Try it again when MrSnuff re stocks it cuz I'm sure they will be fresh. I'm waiting to place an order here soon, I just wish they gave us insight on the date it was made and MrSnuff adjusts the price accordingly.
  • I have had a gracious email about these tins and my experience and have some fresh FOJ inbound. I will definitely be buying more of the SRS snuffs. I can only say thank you for SRS's customer service.

    The snuff of one was so solid that when I inverted the Tin it came out in a solid block. I think I was sent some older tins.
  • The title of this one makes me laugh. I've never encountered a good smelling review.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @Zanaspus you gotta print it out first Sir :)

    Of all my SWS my FoJ is the only one in the metal tin vs. plastic artisan jars. Is the packaging an indication of the age? It's my one SWS I haven't opened yet (have it in Tupperware with the rest of the SWS in the fridge)
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    The tin of SWS Field Of Junipers I have is in metal, the tobacco inside is a solid block as well. The taste is very nice it reminds me gin of course and gives me a summer sensation taste.


    Its color was lighter when I bought it a year and a half ago, now it's browner cause I ve always kept it in the fridge but still has its gin taste.
    Hope this helps

  • Zanaspus, mea culpa. Yes, a badly worded title.
  • I love the cut and the strength but to me it just smells like dark fruit and raisins.  I'll have to revisit.  It's been sitting in my fridge for a long time now.
  • I received some fresh FOJ today. It is nothing like the tins I received from MrSnuff. It is sublime. Smokey with a Juniper undertone but the tobacco shines. Just fantastic. And it is a loose, medium to fine grind instead of the chunky coarse stuff I first received.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @SmokeOnTheWater same thing over here. The fresh stuff is quite amazing. I can't even reconcile it with the stale stock I had. This highlights the importance of respecting the snuff by storing it properly, cycling stock, and only stocking what will be used or sold in a reasonable period. Doubly so with artisan snuffs.
  • Can anyone explain why Mr.Snuff keeps raising the prices of the old stock of SWS instead of makin some offers to offload it and then restock with fresh?
    Someone must tell them that snuff is not aging like pipe tobacco!
  • edited May 2018 PM
    I think MrSnuff just got a fresh load of FoJ and they forgot to mark it back up. It was out of stock now its in stock and at $5.79. What a deal if its fresh. I agree with @tobaccobob about those prices barely changing on old stock. They need to give a proper price so that someone don't get a bad first impression on a snuff that's quality and one with some age to it. FoJ and the other fine snuffs from SWS are great and worth the money. I almost had a bad first impression but now I know how good these SWS snuffs can be.

    Also someone needs to get those FoJ tins for a steal for $5.79 if I had the money right now I would at least try to get 120 grams of it!
  • @SammyD13, @tobaccobob, so true!

    @tallazpiper, I think this thread is a proper explanation of your disappointment in FoJ you got from the Briar.
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