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Snuv has arrived!

Where to buy Sam Gawith in the EU?

My usual sources have dried up. Has anyone got any suggestions of reliable shops with a good supply of Sam Gawith?



  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    Pretty much worldwide:,,, .
    For Germany only: .

    Most SG snuffs were discontinued:

    That said: Gawith Snuff&nc=SNUFF&man=84&cat=82
    (the widest SG assortment online at the moment, including discontinued
    ones for GBP 1.49 per 25 g tin; UK only).
  • snuffbox2snuffbox2 Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    @volunge, thank you very much for the info. I was totally unaware of this situation.

    I have spent a fair bit of money at mrsnuff and (same owners to my knowledge). Unfortunately, I had several bad dealings recently with the mrsnuff group and anyway I saw they were not restocking (even though for what it's worth the ones I want seem to be on the list of SG survivors) so I saw things were headed in a bad direction.

    I was a satisfied customer of in the past, indeed I found my old post on that shop in the forums again when I rejoined. But they have almost nothing I want in SG, the situation looks grim.

    I have corresponded with Simon at mysmokingshop, looks to be a smashing shop but he is following the laws and can't ship to me in Czech Republic.

    I corresponded with, same situation although my employer has offices in Germany so I can work around this if he can get the flavors I want.

    We cannot economically buy anything from outside the EU as we get hammered with taxes, imaginary taxes, discretionary fees, etc.

    I have great admiration for Roderick as a person and snuffmeister, but unfortunately the grinds don't agree with me. I hope he will be convinced to fill the gap with some coarse, moist traditional Kendall styles if the Big Guns can't or won't continue.

    I did correspond with Bob Gregory a while back and though he was quite frank about the situation in the EU generally, I didn't get the level of detail I did here thanks to your links- and at first while he seemed very interested in helping out in the end the emails just stopped and I was left with no source.

    I started snuffing because I was going through a long bad financial period would I could no longer afford cigars. And things went from bad to worse. But I shortly came to see that snuff was not second rate at all and grew to love snuffing, especially those heavy Kendalls. If snuff continues to "dry up" let's hope it doesn't, but if it does I think it will be a great loss to history.

    We lost Jaap and it keeps getting worse. Really appalling atrocities the EU is enacting and I cheer the Brits for telling the EU to get stuffed. Now we see the agenda wasn't about helping business and commerce at all...

    Thanks again for your help and if anyone comes up with ideas I'd welcome them.
  • You could always ask roderick to make up a custom batch for you. I do believe you have to order 400 grams or so though
  • I miss SG Mentholene.
  • @codyg140 thanks I was not aware that was an option.

    @hoffwell there are plenty of good menthols left. Try Wilson's SM Blue or McChrystals has a lot of good ones, I especially like Jip! although the tiny tins are a nuisance. And there's always J.H. Wilsons and Hedges. There is no shortage of good menthols.
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