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What was your first snuff?



  • ConkConk Member
    I think mine was WoS Best SP. No wonder I fell in love with the stuff.
  • Ozona English type, then Ozona President and the Poschl GletscherPrise All bought in several tobacconists.
    Then I ordered SWS Mull of oa and Lundy Foot and wow ! :-) The first time is like walking in a field of tobacco feeling the sun on your skin especially when you stopped smoking before ;-) Very pleasant experience.
  • @Snufferdemedicis how's the Mull of Oa and Lundy Foot? Been curious to try both of them. I really like SWS snuff, so I'm sure they won't dissapoint. I really love Field of Junipers, I can live off that snuff.
  • Mull of oa is coarse grind with a scent of islay whysky like Laphroag very nice and relaxing.
    Lundy foot is the opposite, a scent of tobacco and very light scent of vanilla or something nice very dry and energizing, stronger than Field of Junipers.
    The most relaxing snuff I tested is SWS Latakia Blend very strong wildfire scent but if you suffer from insomnia it does the thing.

  • GokulGokul Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Ok so it was about 27 years back when I was doing group study at a buddy's house. His dad was an ardent snuff user. He used to leave half-empty containers of umbrella brand snuff around the house. We used to study as hard as we could and the snuff helped me stay awake and fresh throughout! It was mighty stimulating. I was lucky to have the dark umbrella variety, it's mellow, mid ground and mild, so easy to take. This later led me to the finer Madras type snuffs like the TAS.
  • PaulGPaulG Member
    Hedges L260 when i accidently got into a tub my Grandad had left lying around, had it on my eyes, hair and everywhere and still haunts me to this day :))
  • PaulGPaulG Member
    Forgot to mention I was about five years old at the time!

  • jpsksjpsks Member
    gallahers wit and wisdom early 1980s
  •  Poschl GletscherPrise was my first snuff, love that stuff.
  • Sam Gawith Cola.
  • LordJLordJ Member
    Toque Quit
  • Mine was one of the sweet scotches. Don't remember which one. Honey Bee, I think. It was ok.
  • Gawith Original (Poschl)
  • Poschl red bull was the first one I tried and lowenprise was the first one I ordered, they ended up being my favorite from poschl, I still often buy this combo since they're both better for different situations.
  • Tube rose was my first, only 8 months ago. From there i tried several American snuffs that are available locally. Superior, square, navy sweet, society, and still my favorite dental scotch.

    3 months ago I bought a pipe from someone on another forum and he threw in some snuff for me. Thors Hammer, McChrystals sunset, special M, and toqe coffee. All wonderfully to me.

    Few months after that I introduced a friend to snuff. He immediately wanted to order some online so we did together.

    And here we are today...
  • Just over a year ago, late one night I raced to the nearest place selling snuff. I made my way through the crowd of tourists and low lying fog, sweating after my 90mph sprint along a dark stretch of Highway 1 and excited as hell about the one type of tobacco product I had never tried. It was quite fun, what with all the atmosphere and reckless driving making my heart race. Thankfully, I found the shop moments before they shut the door. My life would be changed soon after.

    I bought a tin of Silver Dollar Original. Back at the car, my first taste went too far back but the burn was not unpleasant. I instantly realized I was a fool for not buying more.

    I still love that snuff. Hopefully next time I order from Toque I can talk Roderick into selling me a bunch in bulk. If not, then maybe a bespoke order will work.
  • J.H. Wilson's Medicated 99, New Year's Eve 2009 I think. My father-in-law at the time went to buy some cigars and came out with snuff as well, on a whim. I was the only one that liked it!

    At the time I was smoking cigarettes, it took until 2012 for me to buy some more snuff and then I was hooked for a couple of years
  • No idea what sort it was.  We always had a couple of snuff boxes in the house with some in, presumably from when my grandfather used it.  I took the occasional pinch as a child.  My grandfather died shortly before my third birthday, so, by the time I got around to it, it can't have been terribly fresh.  My mother always used the expression "throwing something around like snuff at a wake," suggesting extravagance.
  • W.E. Garrett some ten years ago.  Major fail.  Didn't learn to properly deal with American Scotches until several years later.
  • beantinbeantin Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    McChrystals O&G about 12 years ago. Made my eyes water, nose run and gave me a head rush! 8-}
  • 41P Himtaj Golden. I had ordered from 41 Photo, 6 Photo and Dholakia on the same day and it was the 41P order which was the first one to arrive. Himtaj Golden still is among my favourites.
  • WoS Royal George in 2013. 
  • First ever was either fubar grunt or toque spanish gem.

    Got it from a member at snuson named whalen who also happens to be a member here
  • Before I ordered from the only available snuff i could actually find here in California where i live was W.E Garrett and sons scotch and sweet and only 3 types of Silver dollar the blueberry being my first snuff followed by a quick pinch of the W.E sweet for that extra nic!
  • I believe it was the WoS version of Dr Rumney about 5 years ago. Might have been Garrett Scotch.
  • Toque chocolate. Just about a week ago. Really enjoying it.
  • Some unidentified snuff about 25 years ago. I think it was an sp and something tells me it could have been jh wilsons sp 1. But I'm not sure.
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