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Sir Walter Scott back in stock




  • Read this thread's heading as 'new snuff flavours from January 2019'! Would be great if they do come out with some new stuff. Would love some Bermagot snuff!
  • Thanks for suggestion surely we will add that to our list in next order.

    In addition if you have any suggestion do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best Regards
    Manit Joshi
  • @bolbam420 The original post is from December 2008 so it's ten years old!!
  • Dholakia's SP (bergamot scented snuff) would be a well reasoned addition to its European snuff line.
  • bolbam420bolbam420 Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    @volunge How about a Dholakia White SP?! Btw how is the nic content in European SPs like
  • @bolbam420 That kind of grind would be too fine for the SP. Medium nicotine mostly, some are a tad above medium, grind varies from fine to medium.
  • grind dramatically effects scents. Now sandalwood is great with a fine grind
  • A bergamot snuff from Dholakia would be awsome! But I'd like it to be a bit moist, like "Temptation Purple Passion" or "Plum Cake".
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