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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Can anyone suggest a sample box?

This will probably be sometime in the future but does anyone have any input or sample box ideas that involve a wide variety of different types of snuffs. I can just never figure out the names of the snuff and what they will be like.


  • Hey @Tobaccoman, what have you tried so far?

    Wilson's of Sharrow has medicated and non- medicated samplers, but they are largely the same type and of course always the same country of origin and snuff maker. I've enjoyed my medicated and non- medicated 12x5g sampler packs. WoS is better though, in my opinion, in medium size (more moist/ fresh) but that does come with extra cost.

    6Photo also has a sampler. Great deal. But again single source. There is good variety of styles. But not everyone is a fan of the more incense-like aromas of many Indian snuffs
  • @ar47 i have tried f &t mccrystals and sg. Also grand cario by wos i think. I have two orders of toque coming. I think the wos sampler might be a good idea. And i see alot of people posting about 6 photo. What are german snuffs like? They use an oil or something. Is there less chance of sneezing
  • @Tobaccoman yep most German snuffs are oiled. Personally I only ever sneeze with very dry snuffs, so I think your question about sneezing less with Germans could make sense. The majority of them are menthol/medicated, not sure if that's your preference, but there are some exceptions. What are your favorite offerings of those British snuffs you've tried so far?
  • @ar47
    Well when i opened my old snuff holding box i found that the sg strawberry was completly gone and that sometime between then and now i had ordered sg chocolate banana and coffee. I like the sgs because of the coarse grind and especially with the banana i got a good amount of nicotine. I have a bit of trouble with the mc crystals as it leaves a sour tickle in my nose but tthat could just be the lemon. And the f &t im always working on. Now that ive rehydrated it. Its much easier to take but i am not getting the same nicotine. But i dont mind the aromatic style of the seville. And the type of menthol hit that was in the mcc was good.
  • @ar47 banana was my favorite
  • The Toque 10 for 9 deal is an amazing way to try new stuff,
  • @Tobaccoman if you really prefer a more coarse grind the WoS may not be your first pick

    @Cappadoc has a great suggestion there. The Toque USA line (except for USA Whiskey and Honey, but that's a must try) and the Toque Berwick Brown, Colts Foot, and Ambrosia are medium grind, medium-course to strait up coarse for Berwick Brown and Coltsfoot respectively. If you like fruit flavors Toque's aromas are 100% natural. Their Grapefruit, Blueberry and Champagne are quite spectacular examples to my nose :)
  • CappadocCappadoc Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    Toque Pomegranate, Original, St Clements, Chocolate, Whisky & Honey, and Ambrosia are excellent.
    Toque USA Whiskey & Honey, Citrus, Lime and Chocolate are all excellent.
  • @cappadoc @ar47
    I placed two orders recently on toque. In the mail i have coming. Strawberry, 2x peach, st clement, and bluberry. Second order is quit, origional, vinilla, whiskey and honey, sp extra, ambrosia and spanish gem.
  • I also made a post in bst trying to find one already in canada to tide me over but no response. Right now i am running off 5 year old rehydrates. Pretty sure all the nic has evaporated
  • @ Tobaccoman   After your last post I am curious now about nicotine evaporating.

    Is it just a thought of yours, or does it actually happen?

    I remember seeing a jar of nicotine weighing about one kilo on ebay .   It was being sold for gardening use.
    That was just a brown powder like snuff.
    I thought at the time it was just pure nicotine.   Or is nicotine a liquid and this stuff had degraded into something else?

    Perhaps some clever chemistry buff can throw light on the subject.


  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    edited January 2019 PM
    @ArtChoo pure nicotine is classified as a liquid which can oxidize and does react to light (UV). When exposed to certain conditions, it will break down or transform into various acids or salts (Vitamin B3 among them). Keeping snuff in truly air-sealed container and protecting it from light will slow this down.
    In the dry insecticide form, the nicotine may be in the form of one of its acids or salts, or it could also be in crude tobacco extract form.
  • @SammyD13 :-O I had no friggen idea! Thanks for the lesson! I wonder if any of the degraded forms are still active?
  • @artchoo it was just a observation i made being that i had no satisfaction from the really old rehydrates or buzz.
  • Did you ever try the 6 photo sampler?  One of my best buys yet. Did not really like any of them at first, but now each of them is growing on me, and a few of them are absolute must-haves. The small tins are cheaply made and annoying, but I have decided I will decant them into some 1/2 oz screw top tins I found on amazon.  After that I have a mason jar for the tins. 
  • @haveawhiffonme I never ended up getting it as I thought the grinds would be too fine. But I read that the rose one is coarse so I might try that.
  • Yep, Anarkali is a coarser one as are Motia and Special
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