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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

New Irish penny snuff box

Got this new snuff box in the mail, I absolutely love it. Have it filled with some Lundy foot right now, nothing lately has filled me with more delight than twisting open this little box and having the smell of a fine smoke shop wafting up to my nostrils. It fits amazing in the pocket, and is addicting to just keep taking out and burnishing it is with my thumb. I see myself making more orders from this shop, cointransformations in Etsy if anybody wants to give a look for themselves.


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  • @Chapman That is such a cool box! I'm jelly and have bookmarked the shop. 
  • @Notalynn might as well treat yourself! 21 bucks for something made with this kind of quality is a no brainer. I actually ordered two, but the second one is much smaller than what I anticipated
  • Is there a metallic smell to this? I'd be worried about it tarnishing and giving my snuff a weird odor. If this isn't an issue, I might end up grabbing a few for myself!
  • Threads are on the inside though sir ...

    Beautiful box all the same!
  • @insufflemus so far I do not notice any added smell from the containers, but the snuff has not sat in very long yet, I will update in a few days and let you know if anything changes
  • @ar47, indeed, the threads are on the inside, but so far after opening and closing several times with snuff inside of it, it does not seem to hinder it in the least. After I finish each fill, I will probably just give the threads a wipe down with a damn cloth before refilling. Keep it all nice and clean and not give anything a chance to accumulate and block the threads up
  • @Chapman I agree it's a good price but I've been treating myself to quite a few too many things lately. I did send the link to my husband just in case he might want to surprise me with one though. Valentine's is only a month away, and nothing says love like a snuff box. :D
  • Nice find man. I like it
  • On some of the coins you can get a push lid...
  • They look awesome but I would be worried (like someone else said) about the snuff having a metallic smell to it?
  • How much snuff do they hold?
  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    I saw you can get a push lid but I prefer screw lid for pocket security purposes, no accidental spills. I fill these in the morning and it is empty by night time, so either no smell is transferred or the snuff just doesnt get to sit in there long enough to pick up the scent of the coin. All depends on the size of the box, the Irish penny probably holds 3 or 4 grams, the smaller franc coin maybe 2. I dont know exactly. Just a guesstimate
  • Yeah I think the screw lid would be the better option. They look really good, I might have to get a couple  :)
  • I was very concerned about WoS 5g containers spilling in my pocket but I'm a good 100 for 0 success vs spillage
  • I have 2 of these. One of Queen Elizabeth in 50Th anniversary of D-Day and a schilling of George V.
    These are beautiful but not very easy to use because they are very tight
  • What do you have push kids? Mine are incredibly easy to use, they are both screw on, and since owning them I think my snuff usage has increased 3 fold.
  • Push lids I mean lol
  • edited January 2019 PM
    I have screw lids. Is not easy to take snuff in it for me because the space for it is too tight for my fingers.
    I prefer larger snuffbox but they are beautiful indeded
  • Oh gotcha, yeah I can only kind of pinch out of the Irish penny. I usually just tap out of them into box cars or the back of the hand.
  • I prefer take snuff with my fingers so I need larger snuffboxes. But I love these coin snuff boxes and I want more.
  • Same here, I plan on ordering several more eventually, but for right now I have to be content with what I have.
  • In less than a year I bought 25/30 snuffboxes. If i have a passion I go mad :))
  • I have a couple of the screw lid ones. I think they are the very best boxes for the money.

  • Wow, it looks really beautiful. Have ordered one by myself right now. Thank you for the post.
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