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Arnold Andre Rumney's Export

Moist, oiled, fluffy in grind and very easy to take. It smells like eucalyptus and menthol out of the tap box, but the presence of base tobacco is strong as well. The scent is quite complex and long lasting in the nose. I smell menthol, eucalyptus and perhaps camphor. There is also some sweetness in the background. The nicotine level is medium. If you're a fan of Pöschl and are looking for something more complex, give it a try. I love it.


  • @Jernej It is a nice version of a Medicated/Menthol but it lacks the layers the old Dr. Rumney's of Illingworth days. That sweetness in the background may be the hint of anise that made Mentholyptus a medicated to be remembered. I haven't had one as balanced since they went out of business eons ago. I have to admit that the Rumney's half ounce hinged tins were horrible.
  • Is this still in production, or is the inventory on old stock?

    My wife and I enjoy this snuff. The tap box we received though is on the dry side - probably the only moisture left is because of light oiling. The aroma and medication profile is spot on though. Her favorite snuff is the ever popular, generic-regarded Poschl Gawith Orig/Apri/black. I find this similar but more sophisticated and less clogging.

    Medicated lovers if it's not still in production you may want to buy some before I buy up all the stock for my wife for Christmas ;)
  • @47 Not at its freshest.

    It seems all Scandinavian Tobacco (aka Arnold Andre) snuffs are still in production, available on the German market for local consumers online:

    @ManxSnuff, @Amanda, please restock Arnold Andre's Kensington, Edelprise and Rumney's Export.
  • Need to revisit Rumney's Export. Ten years ago I got a very nice gift from Germany:
    rumneys export snuff
    I was fed up with menthols then, so didn't enjoy it much, but loved that neat faux wood dispenser.
    You had to turn the blue circle round to get a really small pinch out. And yes, it was a refillable one!


  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    @volunge take the plunge! Since you enjoy medication now vs then I'm confident you'll enjoy Rumney Export

    Also yes I want that tin!
  • @ManxSnuff, please restock Arnold Andre range (if possible). Namely: Kensington, Rumney's Export, Edelprise and Singleton's. They are only available at German shops (inland sales only).
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