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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Mr.snuff snus sale

Codyg140Codyg140 Member
edited February 2019 in Other Forms of Tobacco
Just incase anyone was insterested mr.snuff has select ROLLS of gn snus on for $10!

Grabbed 2 rolls of slim siberia and a roll of odens 59 for myself


  • How long do you think it will go on? Ordered without noticing. Want some, though.
  • No clue, I'm guessing the products are coming up on the BB date so need to get moved quick.

  • It was only for a week. They didn't say that, & the price wasn't changed on the product page for the week. I won't be ordering from them again anytime soon.
  • You seem to be correct, not in the february specials section anymore and prices are back up.

    Like I said they were probably just trying to move stuff that's running out of shelf life.

    Once that was gone no more sale
  • EpitangoEpitango Member
    edited February 2019 PM
    I emailed them the above, pretty much, but they haven't responded.
    I also emailed them a while back about a couple snuffs which were labeled as mentholated, but weren't, to which they never responded. They never corrected that, either. Not impressed. Will but from Toque next time.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2019 PM
    @Epitango, next time (if ever again) try sending a PM here to @ManxSnuff, the guy who works in MS warehouse. He did reply to me after some time and eventually removed the nonavailable GH Irish D snuff from the listing. A bunch of folks ordered that and got SG Irish D instead (which is a very nice snuff, but that kind of muddle is always more or less annoying).

    Also earlier this year MS staff reacted to the request (submitted here) and made 6P Begum Green snuff (confused with snus previously and hence restricted) along with 6P makla-type products available for EU buyers.

    6P MG Madras and WoS Dr. Rumney's Brown certainly don't fall into mentholated category. Neither is flavoured with essential oils as well. Some folks might be off-put by the word 'menthol' (or/and 'flavour/-ed') alone, so this really needs to be corrected in the description. For instance, I would never have bought MG Madras following the generic description "[..]flavoured with exotic Indian spices and herbs". Same goes for Rumney's Brown. I suppose MS has quite a lot of customers who don't visit this forum and are guided by descriptions and reviews.
  • Luckily, I don't particularly like snus, but they still should be more up to snuff, as it were. It would probably benefit them.
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