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Old Mill Snuff For Sale

I almost feel bad putting this offer out, but I feel like I have some stuff that people could enjoy much more than I. About 6 months before Daniel passed, I purchased a good bit of his snuff from across his entire menu. It started with a modest order of a couple of his


  • Looks like my full message got chopped. I have 15-20 large jars of Old Mill Snuff for sale. Message me if you want more information.
  • Hey, just saw this post. I'm interested. What do you have available? I tried sensing yoh a private message, but couldn't. Could you try to send me a message?
  • Thanks everybody for looking and reaching out. All of the Old Mill is now gone.
  • Whoever bought it- enjoy!!
  • Thank you @skydog!

  • IMG_5426
  • Glad it made it there safe and found a good home!
  • Enjoy that Perfecto Willy. I'm down to my last few pinches. My Suzette was exhausted long ago ;)
  • Congrats Will. Enjoy the memory of Chef Daniel. What field are you in?
  • those who got them, enjoy. Willy, if I ever make my way down to my parents house, I'll have to meet up with you on the way. I'll bring some old mill to sample if I can sample the Acadia and Evangeline.
  • @Psicko, it would be great to meet up. In the meantime, shall we do some trading?
  • Got my piece of the pie (or one bite) of the snuff of the God's. Thanks @skydog
  • phil22phil22 Member
    edited February 2019 PM
    I have 8 of the small Old Mill snuffs that I am trying to sell/or trade but I cannot remember what I paid for them in 2016. Does anyone remember what Chef sold the small jars for? I think they are 15 gram (amber) jars. Were the toasts higher priced or were they all the same price by volume?

    I have the same issue with trying to sell/or trade some De Kralingse snuffs that were sold in the brown, rectangle, plastic tins. Does anyone remember what those sold for?

    Thanks for your help.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2019 PM
    @phil22, checked my order history. Back in 2017 (spring) De Kralingse Latakia AO 1860 30 g (i. e. the brown plastic box) was sold for GBP 3.20, FCV 250 17.5 g - GBP 2.01.

    That's USD 4.20 and 2.65 respectively.
  • Thank you volunge for that info. 

    If anyone wants to trade for or purchase some Old Mill or De Kralingse snuffs, please send me a PM or email me at Thanks
  • Ya know, @Phil22 if you were out of trading snuff, you could at least have said so, rather than just not responding anymore.
  • Hi Epitango, I don't understand your comment as I have plenty of trading snuff and I have responded to all messages.
  • I swear I sent 2 messages that got no replies. Anyway, I am quite interested in the toasts. Truly. How would I pay, though, and at what price?
  • Epitango, please send me an email to and we will work out something. Thanks
  • I  swear I sent one. I'll have to dig it up.
  • @phil22My mistake. I sent it to e, rather than ed, pendergrass22. Oops. ;)
  • No worries. I often do that. I responded to your email.
  • Mine are all sold now. Thanks
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