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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Amazon tribes tobacco

Has anyone ever tried this stuff ? Do you know adresses for tribal snuff or no tobacco snuff like chocolate or herbs ?


  • In Amazon Mapacho is the plant. We call it Rustica more often here.

    If you really want to be a Shaman many tribes' training starts with drinking liters (over a week/weeks not all at once!) of Mapacho tea. Tea through the nose (head back, spoon or clam shell) is the easy mode, but add a little salt.

    It's been over a decade but I read a lot on tobacco usage and tried just about it all, including snuff from mapacho flowers. I remember the nasal tea well but even as a dip juice swallower at the time, the oral tea was like getting a stomach parasite :D
  • Codyg140Codyg140 Member
    edited February 2019 PM
    That sounds..........gross lol

    Y'know tea through the nose and stomach parasite, that would be a pass from this guy [-X
  • Interesting selection on that site, especially if you ever felt the bark levels in your snuffs were too low :)

    You can buy mapacho rolls many places online if you want to try making your own snuff from Amazonian rustica
  • So when i m taking snuff with rustica in it like sws lundy foot am i taking mapacho ?
  • @Snufferdemedicis nope. Similar strain but not the same. Effectively probably no noticeable difference.
  • edited February 2019 PM
    Is it ok to snuff thing like this ?

    The Guarana and Ginseng capsules contains powder.

    They say guarana comes from amazonia.

    Would it be ok to mix with tobacco snuff  or just on its own to get a all day plant effect ? 
  • questionable. Not because of Guarana or Ginseng but because you don't know what kind of filler or antibinding agent is used or how they were handled before hand but mainly because there could be things in there that probably won't wreck you or anything but really might not be good to sniff up the nose anyways.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I would agree with @bob. Some snuffs (Bernard comes to mind) contain guarana. Pure or unadulterated ginseng is OK to use. I use it in snuff myself as do some other members. Before using formula capsules, I would want to use a trusted vendor who provides a complete list of active and inactive ingredients.
  • edited February 2019 PM
    Here is the list
  • edited February 2019 PM
    Ingredients: Guarana (Extrait sec de Graines Paullinia Cupana Kunth), Gelatine, Lactose, Dioxyde de Silicium (Nano), Colorant, Dioxyde de Titane.
    400 mg d'extrait de guarana
    36 mg de cafeine
  • colorant could be anything and I wouldn't in general trust and silicium in something I sniff. Some of those are things that could get into the lungs. Probably not a problem but there are sources for the same ingredients that including nothing remotely questionable. Also cafeine can be sniffed but it kind of hits fast so it's easier to over do it and feel discomfort.
     Get another source for the raw material and enjoy. If nothing else it will be a better quality scent.

  • Thanks for your expertise, I will not try that and get raw material or the bernards's one.
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