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GH Mitchells Special

Three years (?) into my snuffing repertoire, and this is my first outing with Mitchells Special after it arrived in the mail less just over an hour ago. Coming out of the now discontinued plastic tubs, this snuff is fairly fine and dry, but not too difficult to take from a pinch. I think it may be a little too fine and dry for me to take off the hand or thumbnail, but that's purely a personal issue. I don't know if this would be as dry coming from one of the newer vacuum tins.

The scent is highly perfumed, and there is a lot going on in there. There's obviously a floral element, along with citrussy undertones, and also plenty of spice. I'm getting nutmeg on the last pinch, though the pinch before seemed to be heavier on the floral. Some people have likened this snuff to Bordeaux by F&T, and I can understand why but you can also tell it is a different concoction.

Overall, I do like this snuff, though I would find it too overwhelming for frequent or all day use. I will certainly enjoy taking the occasional pinch to wake up the face and brain, just like I would with something like Royal George, or use a little to liven up an SP in which my interest is waining (I do like mixing snuffs). I may also try hydrating a small amount to see how that affects things


  • I have been mulling over a basket of discontinued Gawith Hoggarth for the last day or so :).  On the one hand there's half a dozen snuffs to use for mixing , a couple just to sample . The price is definitely right and it d suit my budget . Most of my memories of GH are from childhood so I d be learning plenty.

    On the other hand I don't want yet more stale snuff in my home . :D I ve already amassed a fair few snuffs that need coaxing into condition ...some I need to buy again just to try them 'as the maker intended' . So I might be better off with plains and menthols and avoid the 'flavours' ? At least then I can guarantee some use out of them , in the mixing bowl . 

     Have you had much experience with  storage of the 25g tubs ? I noticed you had a few favourites in the GH range from another thread but usually buy bulk  . 

    In general I have a childhood aversion to floral snuff so much of GH is a total mystery to me  :) 
  • I currently have the following in GH tubs:

    Dry Orange, Cherry, Sea Breezes, Ambassador, Mitchells Special, Wild Mint, and Western Glory

    The Western Glory reached me in good condition, as did several of the others when I first got them. Long term storage in these pots is not the greatest - though unlike a Wilson's tin, it won't rust. You mention budget, which is the reason I picked up a few tubs the other day. For the price, I don't mind too much that the snuffs will require reinvigorating, as it's really an effortless process and happens overnight. You go to bed at night with a snuffbox of slightly dusty snuff, and wake to a fluffy one with a more lively scent.

    If you're just using a bit as a modifier to spruce up another snuff, you might not need to rehydrate if the other snuff is already moist enough
  • Knocked up a batch of 4 parts Yellow Crest, and one part Mitchells to see how it works as a modifier. The result is very nice, still perfumed but a lot more mellow.
  • I'll have to try that next order I place. I just got a very nice metal tin of Ambassador, for the first time. I like it quite a lot. And I also tried GH SP, and Kendal Brown, which are also excellent. Has anyone tried Spartan? I have yet to decide if I like it...menthol, but with other scents playing a role, so it's not a strong menthol, but I'm hoping to like it more as the days roll on and on...
  • I've steered clear, purely because of the menthol. If I see menthol in anything these days, I stay away. The only snuffs I use which contain any at all are Anarkali and Kailash, and they are very small amounts
  • 2 years later I just opened my plastic tub of Spartan to discover that behind the strong menthol is a subtle sweet taste, similar to American sweet scotch. I had not noticed that before today. Glad I found it as it's been discontinued.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @50ft_trad if you have any discontinued GH menthols (or any GH) please consider sharing the wealth! :D A very generous member here gifted me an old tin of GH Lakeland and it's a beautiful mwntholated snuff to me
  • @ar47 I've already parted with everything I'm prepared to part with. :) I believe my stash is now entirely menthol free, as it's something I have an intolerance for.
  • GH Kendal Brown plain. One of the best natural snuff ever made!
  • ^^ The only GH snuff I have in bulk.
  • Now some months later I have opened my tin of Jockey Club. It brings back memories of my first snuff order from MS, probably ten years ago. Although its not an everyday snuff for me, I do enjoy it, and more so than the same named snuffs from SG and Wilson's.
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