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What are your thoughts on Taxi red, Kendal Brown, NTSU ?

I have all three now, got NTSU and Taxi red today....If im being honest, potency wise, ie nic hit, I cant tell the difference between any of these snuffs.
I love kendal brown, because it never fails to give me the hit, I expected NTSU and Taxi red, to hit much harder, but i have tried them and they seem to me to be about the same hit as Kendal Brown...

the only difference is they smell a little less than the kendal, and the taxi red, looks a slight bit more "stalky" than the NTSU.

does anyone else agree ?


  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited July 2019 PM
    I never found Taxi or NTSU to be strong in the nic department and are too coarse and too much ammonia for my liking. KB has a better flavour and sits in the nose better than the coarse African snuffs.
  • All South Africa snuff is over rated in the nic department IMO. Nice when a blue moon tho.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    Every moist snuff needs to be fresh to be enjoyed properly. Dried-out KB is equally unpalatable to me. You can restitute the moisture, but the snuff won't have the original kick anymore. Or should I rather call it a "snuff's spirit" - the ammonia.

    Fresh SA and KB are on a par, they are ammonia-propelled nicotine delivery systems with increased rate of freebased nicotine uptake. Different grind/moisture impacts the speed of nic uptake. Talking about moist coarse highly alkalized snuffs, the finer and moister the snuff, the faster the uptake. KB grind is finer than SAs and its moisture content is higher.

    Ammoniated nicotine is more volatile, hence the reduced kick (satisfaction) uppon drying-out.

    Certainly, this is not an issue at all with fine and dry snuffs, containing slaked lime (traditional British toasts and Indian white snuffs). In dry environment they are decent keepers.

    All this talk, I need to revisit KB!

  • eblipeblip Member
    Yes, I have tried a lot of different snuffs over the past month or so, and my tastes changed quite a bit initially, but my goto snuff is definitely Kendal Brown...This snuff is made quite locally, in the UK, and although the indian whites beat it for instantaneous impact, it is the most reliable rock solid snuff i own, and luckily i have another 2 tins... sheer quality snuff...

    All other snuffs can come and go, but i think i'll skip the SA snuffs in future at least i know the british makers are catering for that market now..

    as long as Kendal Brown, Gawith Hoggarth sp and Bordeaux for aroma are in my rotation...i know i have absolute stunning quality top snuff, and SA snuff, even the indian whites are not as pleasurable.
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