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Help .. Which kendal brown is it ?

eblipeblip Member
edited July 2019 in Types of Snuff
Hey I bought some SG kendal brown....and on the tin it said "kendal brown"
now i went looking for the same product but all i can find at the SG website is

Kendal Brown (KB) (Plain or scented)

Kendal Brown Special

Original Kendal Brown

Does anyone know the old tin that said Kendal Brown (my favorite)
which one should i order to get that exact same product ?
I thoguht it seemed a little scented, but it could have been a natural scent.
does anybody know ?
my thoughts are it is most likely KB plain or Original Kendal Brown


  • Same questions here.

    This was the only KB I tried. Bought it from some years ago while visiting the UK. It was very, very moist, loaded with ammonia and a little bit of a somewhat citrussy scent. Loved it pure and mixed with the now discontinued Red Crest (the scented one) (1:1).

    Tin label said "Kendal Brown" and it was listed as "Kendal Brown" among other KBs - "Original", "Plain", "Scented" and "Special". So, there used to be five.

    I could swear it was still listed at Mysmokingshop up until recently.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Did it have an orange-ish hint of aroma to it? I think that's KB Original, and it says just that on the label. KB Special is more of that (and tons of ammonia in my experience), and says KB Special on the label. I love both.

    Since your label only said Kendal Brown I'm guessing it's the plain
  • eblipeblip Member
    Thats the one vlounge ..ok good to know..
    At first the scent of ammonia was so powerful, I thought it was terrible snuff, but i kept it in a tight bottle, and after a couple of days i loved that fresh ammonia scent...
    I think ill order the plain then and keep my fingers crossed that the snuff is as perfect...
    I wanted to place a large order now i know what i like, got 12 NTSU in the post. and 3 Gawith hoggarth SP, and i wanted 3 kendal browns....
    those are my daily snuffs now ...the rest i have (which are many) are just novelty snuffs...and rarely make it out of the drawer.
  • Kendal Brown = Original
    KB Plain = Plain
    KB Special = Special

    Leastwise that's how it used to be, been a couple years since I ordered any.
  • THANKS Sandwhichisles
  • I like them all, but the extinct London Brown is still my favorite. Fortunately I have a 500 gram tub in the freezer as my lifetime supply.
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