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Which Poschl Schmalzler do you prefer and why?

I have both Schmalzler A Brasil and Perlereuter in my cart at the moment.  I enjoy Bernard DF, Feinst, Klostermischung and Fresco and was wondering about your thoughts on these two Poschl schmalzlers and if they compare to the Bernards.  Thank you


  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    edited August 2019 PM
    I haven't tried the Feinst, but you can expect the Bernards mentioned to be somewhat different than the Poschls. The Poschl while somewhat moist has a finer consistency (I find it clogs me up). The Poschls aren't granulated by the mineral oil like the Bernards or like Rosiniski schmalzlers. The scent of the Poschls is very nice IMHO, but I've been sitting on a couple of mostly-full jars due to the clogging issue. Never heard anyone else complain about it, so maybe it's just me. Getting around to the question, I prefer the scent of the Schmalzler A Brasil. It's also sweet but seems to have some spiciness to it in the background. I'm guessing if you like one, you'll like them both, though.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Schmalzler A and Perlesreuter are two most natural Poschl schmalzlers, which are made only from fermented tobacco (app. 84% and 82%) and paraffin oil (16% and 18%). SF and D contain more ingredients and I would steer clear of some particular compounds if I made schmalzler for my own nose.

    All four P schmalzlers are not alkalized and I find them lacking in nicotine. I need to stuff my nose just like in a Bavarian snuff taking contest to feel something.

    Bernard schmalzlers are alkalized, hence nicotine-wise they are satisfying and less cloggy. Unfortunately, most of B schmalzlers contain preservative (ethylparaben). They are paraffined either (app. 15-16%).

    @SammyD13, I have the same clogging issue with P schm.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @volunge thanks for the correction about Poschl using paraffin. That would I think explain the clogging issue. Having handled paraffin and mineral oil, it makes perfect sense to me that the former could cause clogging. Its waxy property seems the culprit.
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