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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Makla question...

Forgive my ignorance, but does makla stay together any better than loose snus? I couldn't keep the latter from mudsliding almost immediately. Thank you for you answers,


  • Yes, it stays together pretty well ... a bit more like dry mud than loose snus.

    I've found Chimo to be the best oral option for me but it's more difficult to source.


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    It depends on what makla you use, how tight you bake your prilla and where you place it.

    All Sifaco (Belgian) maklas, 6 Photo Fire & Ice and Shammah Afghani stay together good.
    6 Photo Begum Pathan is of a finer grind (apparently higher moisture as well), difficult to bake and I experienced annoying mudsliding with it.

    Bake your prillas really tight and flatten them a little bit. Just like with snus, prillas stay together best when they are put in the upper lip. Bean-shaped works best for me.

    You can wrap the prilla in a tobacco rolling paper for extra care. It might take some practice, but is worth trying.

    Which loose snus did you use?
  • @volunge I used General.
  • General's ok, like all proper Swedish Match snuses. Oden's and Skruf have good texture, too.

    Kapten loose is coarser and drier, hard to bake/shape and prilla disintegrates fast. It's texture is close to fine cut Copenhagen Snuff. V2 loose snus used to be watery, messy to bake and prillas didn't stay together for long. I think they are discontinued - V2 is a part of Swedish Match and they turned V2 loose range into Nordic chew products.

    There's a portion version of makla in Oden's range - Alika, but I'm not sure if you can get it the USA.

    Chaini Khaini is a product of that kind, it is available at hoohah1:

  • @volunge There's a 6P Khaini. Is it Makla strong?
  • Looks as though it is strong, but I'd prefer the other, as it would taste more like tobacco.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    @Epitango I haven't tried 6P Khaini (Chetak Chhap). Due to snuffstore's staff error up until recently it was unavailable for EU buyers. Now the warning "Not for EU" is removed, but it still has a deal-breaking markup.
    Haven't tried Alika, too.

    Makla strength (subjectively):

    La Prise - regular
    6P Begum Pathan - regular

    6P Fire & Ice (sweet scented with menthol) - strong
    Sifaco Makla El Kantara (a hint of mint, menthol-free, almost plain) - strong
    Sifaco Makla Africaine Bentchikou aka Platinum (plain) - strong
    Chaini Khaini mini portion (strong spicy scent) - strong

    Sifaco Makla Ifrikia (plain) - extra strong
    Sifaco Makla Bouhlel Bentchicou (plain) - extra strong

    6P Shammah Afgani - ultra strong
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Not much taste of tobacco in maklas, @Epitango. You won't find that familiar snus-like baccy taste there. Rustica tastes different, there's a significant amount of citric acid. Even strong alkalization doesn't completely neutralise it in thoses pieces of stems/midribs. I do like chewing occasional chunk of rustica stem like this:


    (Makla Bouhlel Bentchicou)

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