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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


Hi. I'm new here from Oregon. I have a couple questions. I just started taking snuff two days ago. I read the pinching instructions on the WoS website and also on this fine forum. So far, so good. I have not had any tongue hits with McChrystal's O&G or Garrett's Scotch XX (not a big fan of unscented snuff, I found out), which are the only two available locally. I even tried plugging, which works pretty well also. My first question is: I read that nasal snuff should provide some sort of kick or buzz, but that has not been my experience. In fact, nothing seems to happen, except a slight burn when the snuff first hits the nasal membranes. So, should I not expect a kick or buzz?

Admittedly, I still smoke cigars and pipes, so since I already have Vitamin N in my system, maybe that is why I'm not getting the expected results. I will say, however, that I have noticed one effect. I take sleeping meds every night before bed and when I wake up, I feel very tired still even after sleeping eight hours. For the last two mornings, however, I did three bumps of O&G a few minutes apart. After those, I was more awake than usual. So I assume that the morning Vitamin N is the reason.

I enjoy the snuff experience and now that I've found it I am planning to quit cigars as soon as my stash is smoked, but still plan to smoke pipes.

The tobacconist from whom I purchased the two snuffs mentioned above told me that he has some on order but that they are still in Customs after four months. The reason given is that the warning labels on the tins are not large enough! I just placed an order with Mr. Snuff for five tins.

So, for those of you who live in the US, can I expect my order to be held up in Customs as well and, if so, for how long?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


  • SnuffMonkeySnuffMonkey Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Your order should be fine. I have not had any issues with customs.

    As for the satisfaction of snuff it may take some time for your brain to recognize they nicotine is coming in through the nose. I was using snus when I first started with snuff, and my favorites were discontinued back to back, it took a few weeks for me to associate satisfaction with the snuff. Now it is what satisfies. If I use another tobacco product, I still look for a snuff immediately after.
  • Yes, smoking is the issue. Bigger or more frequently repeated pinches might enhance the experience, but don't expect too much while you still on the smokes.
  • ^ Agree!!
  • Hmm I was having the same problem.
  • bobbob Member
    pinch big get your technique down and let your body adjust to snuff. Seriously not sure what this is about but test where they see the blood serum levels of nicotine in snuff users are weird. They're weird cause it takes some exposure to snuff to really get the nicotine ball rolling. Not sure if this is biological or behavioral. I.E. not sure if the slight changes the body goes through are the main reason for this, or if it just takes a while to take snuff correctly. To my mind it really seems like both. Or in other words keep at it and it should get better.
  • Customs usually isn't a problem but I have had packages opened by them. As far as getting the nicotine buzz, just give it time. Snuff delivery of nicotine is different than smoking or chewing but it still delivers. You may have to use a lot but there are so many different types of snuff you should always be trying new ones.
  • I read this and really adjusted my usage style, now doing bigger pinches and it's sitting better in the nose, also using a coarse one to get the juices flowing then move finer. Really great tips guys thank you.
  • bobbob Member
    yes snuff isn't commonly used enough for people to actually just sort of know what they're doing with it. Which is one of the reasons a forum like this is so important. I wouldn't have stuck with snuff for so long if not for this forum.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Being hydrated is also important for getting the vitamin N- especially with dryer snuffs. They need moisture to absorb (quickly at least).
    "Putting on a buzz" implies not just that significant nicotine enters the blood but also that blood levels rise quickly. For you to really, really notice the nicotine, it has to come on fast and your blood levels need to be relatively low. Unless you have a low tolerance for nicotine and all conditions are right, not a lot of snuffs will consistently "put a buzz on". If you're a seasoned snuffer with a high nicotine tolerance, that buzz may only come with a really strong snuff first thing in the morning. The buzz is all relative. Try sipping a beer per hour versus slamming a six pack. I'd agree with some others who've said if you're in it for the buzz, chewing or smoking may be the only way. Even with those, you have that tolerance thing which eventually will make buzzes less and less frequent. Perhaps moderation is the key to the buzz, but the buzz is addicting- viscious circle.
  • Just to let you all know I had a face melting pinch last night. Coated the inside of my nostrils with a thin layer of Vaseline. Then took the biggest pinch I could hold. Was couch locked for a good couple mins.
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