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Must diversify my snuffolio

Okay. I need a few advices. I am going to use toque grinds as a example comparative and let you guys know what I'm kinda looking for and maybe you can help out with the next order? I like coarse to medium(ambrosia, Berwick brown, about the finest I'll go is raspberry). Non menthol non liquor. Looking for vanilla, / chocolaty/ earthy / Dewey / coffee / fruity notes but not citrus. Floral too is acceptable. Tonka is okay. So far the only ones on my list are elmos reserve and carlsbader by rosinksi. So maybe a good chocolate and coffee snuff and willing to try about 3 others. Thanks.


  • Have you tried Celtic Talisman?
  • @mr_o i have not, i will go look it up rn, whats your take on it?
  • I might have to crack open a new tin of it to be most accurate. I remember it as cherry and vanilla or something similar. Not as sugary or artificial as one might expect. Medium to coarse ish.
  • Sounds like my kinda snuff
  • Will check it out again in a bit. I have some lingering tonquin in my nose at the moment.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Ok, new tin just opened. I get the cherry, some classic fresh snuff scent, think I am getting the vanilla or tonquin, possibly some sort of a liquor note. Medium brown, a finer grind than I remember, enough moisture so a pinch is staying together well enough. Not a major burn, but the nose feel is a little on the dryer side. That is my take. Will see how it is in a day or two. I hope that might give you a good enough sense of this one.
  • Have you tried Samuel Gawith Black Arabica? It is an awesome coffee snuff. Dark and coarse on the black rappe base.
  • For Chocolate check out McChrystals Aztec and/or Dholakia Swiss Chocolate. Toque has chocolate as well - based on your grind preference you might lean toward the USA version of theirs.

    Also consider the Rosinski schmalzlers for coarse fruity goodness
  • bobbob Member here is a favorite of mine. It's not scented but has a rich leather scent that is very tobacco forward. It's grind is fine for a German snuff but coarse compared to most English snuffs. It's an all day snuff and honestly anyone that doesn't love it is just mad.
  • bobbob Member
    kidding about them being mad.
  • @snuffmonkey yeah I've always like the sg grinds, so that might be a good coffee choice.

    @ar47 maybe I should put a mccrystals into the rotation, but the dholakia Swiss looks decadent. And I have had the toque chocolate it is good.

    @bob the cheshire cat once said. We're all mad here.
  • @mr_o thanks for the review, it's a maybe on the list, I agree with the profiles but I don't know if the grind will be coarse enough, well even if it's medium fine that should be okay
  • TobaccomanTobaccoman Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Okay list so far,

    Thank you all for your contributions.

    Elmo reserve
    Sg black arabica
    celtic talisman.
    And either Swiss chocolate. Or toque chocolate but I might make a separate order of toques.

    I need a few German snuffs on here.
  • Poschl Schmalzler D Doppelaroma is a delicious German snuff and seems to tick a few of your boxes. Double fermented and fruity/earthy for sure. I'm not great at descriptions, I suggest you check out the reviews here and on MrSnuff. Here's a link.
  • @Tobaccoman no problem! I think your list is looking good. I can maybe add a couple more to consider. McChyrstals mulled magic is a very nice clove, fine keg is a really nice hop snuff, the Sicilian burst is a nice lemon and the raspberry, whatever they call it now. I am pretty sure that none of them have any menthol, and the scents are nicely done. The Vikings are well done, I do not know the flavored ones that well, but I really like the blonde and the Thors Hammer, really a subjective thing. I have to second the Bernard that bob mentioned, and you get a good amount of it, too!
  • SnuffMonkeySnuffMonkey Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    I want to add:

    F&T Santo Domingo. It is dark and earthy with a lovely light floral aspect. Not German but very good.

    Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert is an awesome German snuff as well as Aecht Alt Schmalzler
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Try Rosinski Carlsbader or Oderlander or SG Black Arabica.
  • @rostanf I did just make an order already with Bernard magic moments, dopplearoma, and sudfr.

    @mr_o I do see a lot of people posting this Thors hammer deal. Maybe I'll add it.

    @bob I took a look at the one you mentioned. I might add it to the list as a plain German one.

    @snuffmonkey I'll have to check out all those.

    @sammyd13 carlsbader and the arabica are on the list. I'll have to check out oderlander though

    Thanks guys.
  • bobbob Member
    @Tobaccoman it's a good one. I like plain snuffs and florals the best, however that one is a great intro unflavored snuffs because it's pretty gosh darn rich and flavorful and complex.
  • @Tobaccoman probably a reasonably safe bet, if you think you will enjoy some plains. I suppose stronger than some others.
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