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Adding parafin oil to snuff

Alright so, I added some parafin oil to the toque original. Still maybe haven't added enough oil. Because it still makes a puff when I snuff it. But maybe I just can't take the grind yet. But boy do I ever feel the nicotine now. I must be either sniffing it wrong or whatever but. Wow. Anyway, I might share a picture later but I will go over the method I used.

Instead of just dripping the oil into the snuff, I coated the inside of the container I was using with a paper towel with a little bit of oil on it. and kept coating the walls and scraping it off and mixing thoroughly. Very good method to avoid clumping. It also evens distribution of the oil and to not have some over saturated and some under.

Can anyone else share their experiences adding parafin oil to the snuff?


  • With any oil or butter, I like to use a sandwich spreader knife and work it into the flour.

    Doing this on a piece of parchment paper works pretty well for me and I just add a little at a time while kneading it in.  Extra Virgin Coconut works very well as does ghee / butter.

  • Kneading is the word! I second @Cobguy, this is the way to go, using knife or spoon.
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