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Nasal snus?

I find snus to be weak in general, but I have only ever had General. And that Camel crap back in the day. So when I try Siberia or Thunder I may feel differently. However, the undisputed advantage of snus is its supposed lower level of risk, due to differences in manufacturing and storage. I tend to believe it is safer, because its weaker, and that formula just makes basic sense to me.

That being said, since I no longer smoke, at some point in time I am going to settle for the weaker buzz in favor of my health. And if I choose to continue snuffing longterm, Id be curious if there was an even healthier, snus version, pastuerized and all that, of nasal snuff. Or if that version doesnt exist because it wouldnt work, I'd be curious to know why


  • snus is basically what happens when you pasteurize snuff. Like as in that's literally what it is. You take snuff and pasteurize it.  Though what might be an avenue to check out is curing methods and nitrosamine levels. Then how tobacco is cured for snuff making. And by the way both snuff and snus aren't really associated with any significant health risks unlike smoking
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    Snus manufacturer V2 had a pasteurized nasal snuff line. Thunder was the name. There are some dedicated threads.

    By the way, I have consumed a few cans of loose snus (and American dip) nasaly decades ago. Honestly, I thought it was some weird kind of nasal snuff. It was hard to get it in the nostrils, I simply pushed them pinches up, snorting heavily at the same time. I even treated some friends with that "snuff"... Dip was much easier, I really enjoyed a can of Redwood nasaly. Copenhagen Snuff was most nose-friendly, but I'm going off the topic now.
  • Well, I've just been under the impression that regular dip(non pasteurized), was of significantly more health concern than snus, though not near as much as cigs. Just trying to put the healthiest things up my nose. I would not be doing that with copenhagen, although that is my favorite dip.
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