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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Snuff call out thread.



  • Taxi Red! I'll take it :D

    I call out Hedges L260.

  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Thors Hammer all day- great choice!
    Calling out SWS Friar Ramon Pane
  • @SammyD13 since I don't have that one I'll play @SvH 's submission on Taxi Red

    Calling out ... Toque Ambrosia!

  • Ammm-brohhzhia!!  :)

    Next up ... Kendal Brown

  • shoveling kendal brown up my nose now

    i call SWS lundy foot!
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    SWS Lundy Foot here!
    Calling out Roainski Oderlander
  • Enjoying the Oderlander, thanks for the excuse to get it out of the snuff fridge @SammyD13 !

    Calling out ... WoS Irish No.22
  • edited October 2018 PM
     Hell yeah! I'm on it. Just opened a fresh tin of Irish and it smells so good!

      I call out FUBAR SNAFU medicated.
  • I dont have Fubar Snafu Medicated... I just took a pinch of NTSU Green.

    I'm calling out Taxi Green
  • edited September 2019 PM

    I call any snuff that you have had sitting around for over a year and still tolerable.
  • @haveawhiffonme Poschl Lowenprise from last year's spring here!

    Calling out Toque Ambrosia

  • Got the Ambrosia and choose Begum Green next!  :)

  • Dang I missed the ambrosia call out. Currently I only have toque snuffs lol
  • @cobguy BG right here in my snuffbox.
    I call out the next persons desert island snuff
  • Current Desert Island Snuff Lime Toast right here.

    I call out Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler
  • HA! As luck would have it I happen to have brought Aecht Alt to work tonight.

    I'll call out Bayern Prise, which is in my other pocket. 
  • @zonesix thanks for choosing my morning snuff for me, and giving me an excuse to dig out the Poschl Bayern Prise!

    Calling out ... Viking! Any Viking

  • Thor's Hammer it is!  :)

    Up next ... F&T Old Paris

  • rostanfrostanf Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @Cobguy done! Decanted Old Paris from 2014. (I don't recommend, lol)

    Next up Hedges L260 The Snuff.
  • My wife is enjoying some Hedges right now!

    She calls out Poschl Gawith Original/Apricot
  • poschl gawith original down the hatch 

    i call white elephant 
  • Just had a couple pinches of White Elephant and a good sneeze! Forgot about that shrimpy aroma :)

    And next to it on my Indian shelf in the snuff closet are ... 6Photo Cheetas! Calling out regular and Chhap Gul
  • Hey, that's a double call. I'm out of the regular one (sorry), but just had two good pinches of Chhap Gul now. Love that velvety texture.

    Leaving 6 Photo Cheeta for the next participant :)

  •   . Whoo it's been months. Good stuff!

     I call out Bernards Magic Moments.
  • haha, apparently i'm the only one on this site that has that.
  • @captainblackboogers, I'll step up. Got some right here.

    In the same spirit, I call out Poschl Schmalzler D Doppelaroma.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @rostanf Doppelaroma it is! Another great back-of- the- closet find for me. Neglected but not forgotten :D

    Calling out ... (I know this isn't exactly compliant with the rules of this game) any components or the total mixture of my Club Mix! Poschl Packard's Club, Jaxon Club Special and/or WoS Jockey Club

    (It's 3:2:1 BTW in that order, and in all earnestness highly recommended)
  • Ok, jockey club it is... don't have the other two components of the mix unfortunately.

    Callig out Toque Violet
  • Toque Violet it is, so next call: F&T Dr. J. R. Justice.
  • @JackGrave that I can do! Easy to find the JR Justice in my snuff collection since I keep the F&Ts together and this is always on top.

    Calling out SG Elmo's Reserve
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