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Non-Alkaline Cigars

So occasionally I smoke Backwoods cigars while I'm drinking and enjoying snuff, or snus. They are cheap, small like cigarettes, though that is not a main selling point of mine. I enjoy large cigars moreso or all the same. However, I know that since these are cheaper imitation cigars made mainly for rerolling into cannabis, or simply for dorks who either want to inhale or puff on a crappy cigar, they contain no tobacco that is of the proper configuration to be absorbed by the oral mucosa through puffing. They are cured like cigarettes. I believe the term is fire-cured. I've looked up fire cured cigars, and yes they exist, but I have no idea if they are a marketing gimmick, a similar yet different process, or actually what I am describing.

Since at any given moment I usually have a harder hitting punch of nicotine from another product, I was curious if anyone knew of semi-premium cigars that may meet this lower-than-low nicotine standard.

Selecting a low nicotine brand may cut it, but I was specifically curious about a cigar cured in a manner that literally results in nearly zero nicotine absoprtion, that is actually a quality cigar I can enjoy.


  • The term you are looking for in cigarettes is "Flue Cured" and applies to Virginia tobaccos. 

    Fire cured refers to the method used to make Dark Fired Kentucky and Latakia where the tobacco is literally cured with the heat and smoke from fires. 

    Cigar leaf, like Burley, is air cured and fermented and normally contains a fair dose of nicotine.  There are some mild cigars out there and, in general, just stay away from the ones containing Ligero as it is the strongest of the bunch.  Also, you can focus on smaller, shorter cigars to reduce the "punch".


  • @KortKant check out this search, it seems a few people have asked the same question.
  • I appreciate yalls input, and I admit I sometimes make a thread knowing the question has likely been asked before, but I figure a new discussion never hurts. Plus I enjoy this place, glad to know you guys. I noticed Macanudos at the top of that search, and I agree they are pretty low nicotine.

    I suppose the reason I mention alkalinity specifically, is that I dont hope for 'low nicotine' but rather as you said, a flue-cured tobacco yet in a cigar. The reason being, I could theoretically chain smoke them to an extent, during a night of drinking or something, and never really get close to a 'too much nicotine' feeling even if im not paying attention.

    However I realize this is a fairly tall order, a premium cigar made in a manner that no one in their right mind would enjoy or desire. I'm not sure you could even call a flue-cured cigar premium. Perhaps I was just bored. and I'm still feeling out my routines without cigs. Cigarettes seem to have everything in one package, these various other habits have differing times and places when they seem appropriate. Not to denigrate cigars as simply a habit, part of why I now appreciate not smoking so much is my realization that tobacco can be so much richer than simply chainsmoking a couple packs a day.
  • However the tobacco is cured or dried, the traditional cigars are more flavorful, the smoke is more fragrant and rich. I've had those types of cigars like Backwoods before and weren't bad in a pinch, but I like fatter ones myself. I went through phases in my cigar loving days, and ended up like stronger tobaccos. Then I switched to snuff about 10 years ago, only smoke about one a month now.
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