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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Anybody use one of these?
Seem kinda expensive


  • I don't understand how taking snuff with a straw could be pleasurable. That said if you must try something like this there are cheap knockoffs available on ebay all day long.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    It's for coke, mate.. I have just spotted similar item promoted on fb:

    For snuff lines, nothing beats rolled sheet of clean paper. You can adjust it to your nose and it costs nothing. I did take occasional sniff in that manner in my teens and tried different plastic and metal straws.
  • I have never used a straw to take snuff, nor would I.
  • I just got back from California.  I was out there visiting my elderly parents.

    I learned something important about plastic straws:  They are a tool of the Devil used to destroy our fragile planet's ecosystems, and California (in it's Great Wisdom) has banned them.  Thank God!  I also learned that me being a middle aged white male means I'm likely the Devil responsible.  I was glad when that was all sorted out.
  • Yes, straws are awful, glitter too... the find that in guts of all sorts of fish etc. hopefully no one here is snuffing glitter.
  • @moemojo and yet those same wierdos don't see anything much wrong with all the druggies and needles laying around. Hmmmm. Do they sell paper straws?
  • use carbon and stainless pipe
  • @cigargod Yeah the girl who sold me a chocolate malt gave me a paper straw.  I was flabbergasted, but attempted to use it anyway.  It instantly collapsed.  I asked her if I could have a plastic straw, and she said they didn't have them anymore.  I asked if there was any other option to eat my malt and she handed me a plastic spoon.  It was hefty, solid, and well crafted (shame it being disposable).  

    I pointed out the spoon probably had the amount of plastic as two or three dozen straws, and wasn't it a shame that all the customers were given paper straws to be immediately cast away, then given a plastic spoon with WAY more plastic than a straw?  She looked confused, then sad.  I felt bad, so I mumbled something about fish in a barrel, told her I was sorry, and left.  :-(
  • Sounds like you were trying to flirt. Better luck next time!
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