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New Snuff Taker Questions

Hi, sorry to bother you guys, but time is of the essence with me right now and I have to unload a few questions for the knowledgeable and more experienced to hopefully help me with.

I just ran out of Irish 22 from WoS and have to place and order for more, along with various other items. Bc shipping is so high for my location, I have to make a sizeable order to justify it.

This leaves me with a bit of an issue. How does one best store snuff for extended periods of time? Right now I have my small order I received before Christmas in my refrigerator drawer, inside of a metal lunch box, with the snuff containers double bagged in ziplock bags inside of it. This sucks bc 1. It's a pain in the ass to get something out and put it back up and 2. I'm not even sure that's good for the snuff, and if so for how long.

So, this leads me to the following questions...

1.Whats the best way to store my snuff so that it stays freshest the longest.

2. I once saw airtight storage jars you could pump the air out of on Paul Shallbetters YT channel but the site that sold them isn't around anymore... Do those still exist? Are those the best option?

3. Whats the best way to carry my snuff? Are there any snuff boxes you would recommend?

4. Where are some good places to buy quality snuff accessories? Mr Snuff just isn't coming thru for me on that front.

5. What are some essential snuff accessories you'd recommend?

6. What snuffs would you recommend for me to toss into this order? I'm into just abt anything. All grinds and moistures are good. Not crazy about super camphory menthols and I'm especially into Irish 22 and SP No1, but all suggestions are welcome.

7. Side question, but what is Irish 22 anyways? I don't know how to classify it, and would like to know what to look for. Definitely my everyday snuff for now... But I've got 5 grams left sooo lol hence me having to make this post. Gotta order, ASAP.

Anyhow, hope I went abt this the right way. Thanks for any help you guys could offer. I'd greatly appreciate it.



  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    edited January 7 PM
    1. Glass jars in the refrigerator- preferably clasp-type or gasketed.

    2. I'd check Amazon. Some of the vac storage bag sealers have a hose that connects to jars they make. Sucking the air out may be overkill, though. So long as the jar is truly airtight, you should be fine.

    3. For daily use, I use bullets but mostly small plastic jars that are meant for makeup (available in a variety of sizes on Amazon). I use the 6mL or 1/5 oz size. 

    4. EBay has some snuff accessories, but I don't think they can match what Mr. Snuff offers. Most of your accessories are going to be sourced in Europe would be my guess.

    5. Glass jars for bulk storage; bullets, jars, or tap boxes for daily use. It's better to have a lot because when you put different snuffs in them, the scent from the last snuff can contaminate the new one. Depending on your style, you might also want some snuff spoons.

    6. I'd read the snuff reviews on Mr. Snuff carefully. The reviews on YouTube can be very helpful as well. Since your tastes are developing, I'd recommend sampling a Toque, Sir Walter Scott, Rosinski, 6 Photo, Samuel Gawith, McCrystals, and a Wilson's. Try different grinds and moisture levels. If the 6P is to your liking, you can branch out to other Indian snuffs. They can be an acquired taste. 

    7. It's a toast. The leaf has been baked or the snuff was baked after being ground. If you like No. 22, try Toque Natural Toast, SWS Lundy Foot, and Samuel Gawith Irish D. Each is in a similar vein but unique.
  • It is really hard to know what you ultimately enjoy without trial and error. Some snuffs others love I cannot stand and I am certain I am not alone with that.
  • @SammyD13 TY so much for the advice, especially the snuff recommendations! Gonna throw those in the cart now.
  • boiledonionsboiledonions Member
    edited January 10 PM
    I keep all my tins in airtight food storage containers, like Tupperware with gaskets. For good measure, I also seal each tin with electrical tape after it has been opened. The last step is probably not needed, but it could help the scents moving from one tin to another within the storage container. I do not refrigerate.

    From there, I use a spoon to decant into smaller carry around tins that I fill daily or every other day. That way what is in your pocket does not dry out. I lucked out because my first order contained about a dozen of McChrystal 3.5 g tins and Wilsons 5 g tins which I realized could be easily washed out and filled with another snuff. I also like that these have a label that makes it clear that it contains a tobacco product, which gives me a little peace of mind in the event that I am stopped by the police.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 10 PM
    @boiledonions, the last step you mentioned - taping - is crucial. Proper taping significantly slows down moisture loss. WoS made a huge mistake switching from tape to shrink band: shrink band is far from being airtight, doesn't prevent from cross-scenting and fast drying-out. Worst seal ever. I wouldn't mind paying some extra for double seal: tape and shrink band on the top of it.
  • @MississippiReb since you like toast I would thrown in Toque Whiskey & Honey, USA or regular. All of their toast are excellent. Natural, Lime Almond
  • @Slide Say, that reminds me, been meaning to ask someone... What's the difference between Toque USA and regular Toque snuffs? Is there anything more to it than the label?
  • Toque USA are more dry American style snuffs.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Toque USA W&H is dry, but most USAs are coarse, moist and/or oiled. Toque Chocolate vs Toque USA Chocolate for example
  • The Toque USA has Rustica in the mix. The original W&H does not
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    @MississippiRed I assume from your handle you are in the US. If so, have you tried American scotch? If you like Irish 22 then you might well like plain scotch. (Railroad Mills, Square, Ralph's, Tops and Navy are names that immediately come to mind.)
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
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