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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

A different snuff box

distainddistaind Member
edited January 2020 in General
I recently tried a new snuff container I found. It actually works really well. It holds for me the perfect amount I would take. Although not everyone would use the tube that is provided in the snuff box. I've tapped them out on my fingers for a boxcar method. I had two different types of snuff in here and in my pocket they didnt mix or come out of their pockets. It is also thin enough that I didnt really even feel it in my pocket. If anyone would be interested in more information email
He is quick to respond to questions.


  • distainddistaind Member
    edited January 2020 PM
    I tried posting pictures but they aren't appearing. If someone has an idea why they aren't showing up let me know. I'll try to post them again.
  • Ive been having all sorts of problems with pictures, from desktop and mobile, best to upload to imgur or photobucket and link them
  • Pics must be 2MB or smaller or they will not load, you may have to resize the images to make them smaller
  • He's trying to sell these. @Miamimark whatcha think?e8824d_57f738e3d5e54f95b5942d260
  • Tony Montana would of loved it...
  • For the record I am in no way associated with any sales of this. Just passing a review on.
  • if you forget that thing in your pants and your lady does the laundry she is really going to think that you have a worse habit than snuff...
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